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Ok, I know it's a bodge, but I hate waste and I have perhaps a dozen tiles to go on the wall as a bottom row above the floor and I've run out of Adesilex P9. I don't want to spend £30 on a new bag for such a small area and I have half a bag of plasterboard adhesive which will also be binned if not used. Tiles are 400x200.

Will I get away with sticking the tiles with the board adhesive?

NB: It's diy.

White Room

Don't know where your buying your addy at £30 a pop but dri adhesive is a no no....

Time's Ran Out

What type of answers do you expect?

While your at it you could try Sellotape or pritt.


TileGiant... didn't know where else to look. I chose them as they are a Mapei stockist and have a good range of coloured grouts and matching silicone.


What type of answers? Only honest ones! However, if it can't be used, why not? What is it that makes the two adhesives so fundamentally different? So far they've both dried rock hard for me, one seems to hold the board on the wall as well as the other holds the tiles.

Not trying to be wind anyone up I'm genuinely interested in a proper answer.


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Not really... It will dry eventually, but could take a while.. Once dry though, you shouldn't have any problems.
with the plasterboard adhesive, I'm tempted to say try it, and let us know in a few months whether or not the tiles are still on lol!

Dougs Third Go

if your tiles are porcelain or large format (as yours are) you need a flexible polymer modified adhesive (tile adhesive) to stick tiles. Dri wall isn't polymer modified as far as I know and neither is tubbed paste.

Martyn Leeds

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Quality post.

I'd be getting a better priced adhesive to finish it off. You should be able to get a rapid flex for £15, try Topps own brand or something

or you could DIYW
Do It Your Way!

Pic's needed for forum perusal

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