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Thank God that's over. It nearly broke me and caused a divorce ;)
Nobody told me that porcelain tiles are the work of the devil. I reckon the one day I broke about ten tiles and at £15 each I had to tell my wife that the tile shop under estimated when I ordered another £300 worth.
Its not something I would do again and definitely best left to the professionals .
Thanks for the help everyone throughout.
Ps The thread title should read ' Three weeks '

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Mate, this looks really good.

Anything you would change if you did it again?
Thanks for the nice comment
I would not have porcelain tiles again.
I would buy a professional tile cutter and a wet bench saw instead of struggling with cheap gear.
I would get time off work to do it instead of trying to do a full time job at the same time.
Get a divorce first to stop any interference.
The bathroom starts tomorrow but I'm having a tiler do it because life is to short.
I'm most happy with the recess niches . Bloody hard work for a first timer but they really set it off.
I put the mirror up yesterday which I'm pleased with. I put my own led lights around the back of mirror which look good.
Good luck if you have a go and if you get stuck there's some great help on here