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Just wondering what height to cut clear - Tile + How much for adhesive?

The tiles are 59cm x 59cm porcelain and 9-12mm thick. I have a 20mm trowel. I think that is 15mm height so applied at an angle presumably will be somewhere between 9 and 12mm (depending on angle)... is there an official way to work this out?

The house is not that old so door frames are an MDF style material and should be easy enough to cut away.


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Same as above, typically I’ll put tile down and lay card from tile box and cut to that.
Depends on how tile wraps around door.
Sometimes you’ll need more clearance because of the angle you need to get tile in.
Put the first full tile in place so you can use it as a guide to measure your cut piece, then remove the full tile and fit the architrave piece first then full tile, making sure you do both at same time.
Otherwise if you fit all full pieces around doors and go back later with cuts, you can’t get them in.


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Laser level facing door sat on last fixed tile, measure down from line to tile and transfer measure down from line on archatrave, cut off with a multi tool, as above though if your going in at an angle may need more off


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You could just take the architraves off.
If it’s a newer build chances are they are only braded on so carefully lever them off and fix back when tiled.


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A staedtler pencil on top of the tile will mark it perfectly for a 12mm notch trowel or schmox clip base.


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Are we talking about door frames or architraves/door stops?

I don’t cut the frames at all. Architraves I remove and replace/refit after tiling on all jobs. I find it easier and takes out the guess work.