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How do you guys handle the situation when you prep a floor and find the old vinyl floor tiles?
I always take a sample and send it for identification before doing anything else.
If it is identified as Chrystotile asbestos what course of action do you take. I have my own plan for this such event, but i would like to know how others handle the situation..


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You mean the old Marley thermoplastic floor tiles?


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Yers, they came in a variety of colours, from the 50's onward.
Its surprising how many people dont know what they are made from.

One Day

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I was under the impression that they contain very small amounts of asbestos which would only be a hazard if you went nuts with a breaker and snapped/tore them all up.

It's not often I come across them but I try and get them up whole. If they break I cover them with roll n stroll for hard floors to contain the pieces (wearing a mask).
Ideally, if they are well stuck - tile over them.

Am I doing it all wrong?


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If you are going to remove them I suggest using a mask pp3 rating. Use water with a bit of washing up liquid in a bottle and spray the tiles then try remove the tile whole and place in a 1000 gauge plastic bag and seal it with tape (duct tape) and place into another bag and seal it. Then dispose of it accordingly either local council or liscenced asbestos waste transfer station.


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Most old ish thermoplastic tiles contain at least a very small % of asbestos These tiles where still being installed up to 2004
Really old ones are full of the stuff but also the black bitumen there stuck with can contain Asbestos so you should also be aware of this is your removing old parquet flooring aswell


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i have always used a specialist removal company to clear them up if they are loose.
If they are well stuck down still, the advice i have been given is to cover them with a thin bed of screed and tile over them, but if there are any sign of loose tiles, to get them removed and then the remaining glue is screeded over to seal it in.


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I've took some of these up in my time, without giving it much thought, I won't be doing it again

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