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Just read on another site. Finished trading with immediate effect . Administrators are now winding it down . Don't think this bloke much about them though .

British Ceramic Tile Limited is a leading player in the manufacturer of ceramic tiles, with a longstanding heritage in the local communities in which it operates and a stellar reputation for its quality products," said Andrew Sheridan.
Paul C.

Paul C.

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We've had customers calling in saying they were trying to order from BCT and were told to ring us. We've tried getting hold of their sales, customer service, specifications team, account managers and can't get through to anyone.

timeless john

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That’s the annoying issue.
The worker pays for the appalling management.
No doubt the directors have taken their bonuses, inflated salaries and communication skills and got fixed up already.
Now we’ll see the ‘brand’ names (Laura Ashley and others) who put their name behind the poor quality product writing down losses and it’ll have a knock on effect.
The discontinued section of the forum will start to be busier!


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Sad really as they were ‘The’ tile manufacturer in Britain. Part of me hoped they would eventually invest in themselves and start producing quality tiles.

Being truthful though, it’s very difficult to compete against other countries in the manufacturing sector so they were always going to struggle.

The problem is that Britain need to start manufacturing again, so this is a knock back really. All those job losses are never a good thing.


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The only corners they could cut would mean they'd have to produce only circular tiles.
Not at all surprised by this.

Tom Astley

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I feel sorry for the job losses but I have no sympathy for their business.

Should have listened to the workforce that have to fit them.

I bet the client that closed the order was fed up of the comebacks.