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I'm trying to show ads on a usergroup basis. So unregistered see most, registered less, arms even less, staff nearly none, subscribed none at all.

Google has setup auto-ads for plebs who don't know what they're doing (or because they just want MAX ads everywhere - even though they've literally just launched a 'less intrusive ads' rule themselves) and it means that even if I have a single ad showing to a member on a page, auto ads stick them everywhere else on that page.

The way I used to do it, manually add the advert in code where I want it, and code to who it will be shown and when, doesn't seem to work well at all. So I'm trying different ways to stop it. I thought I clocked another way, but on mobile it has gone nuts again.

And the worse thing is, it depends on what device you're on, how often you come here, and where you're based (as to which advertisers are buying the slots) so I can't always tell what you're seeing - and you each see different in a lot of cases too.

I think this was the problem a month or so ago when I was convinced I'd got it, and then it took you guys to tell me a dozen times for me to check various stats and see what ads were being shown and billed (I still to this day never saw the actual ads - but got your screen prints).

So. I'm messing around with these a bit later. Got to get my new glasses first. It's killing my eyes (my astigmatism has got worse) and I'm leaning forward to see the laptop (gonna end up like one of those little old men who walk around in a question mark shape! lol) so it's killing my back where I fractured it a couple of years ago too.

So lemme go get my glasses, nip my mums for tea, and I'll be back to try another way in a bit.

Was up till 2:30am trying to sort this out last night. @Lou said don't change anything it's alright. I said let me just try one more time, I can't be beaten by this just because Google wants to milk 'publishers' (what we're classed as to them). We're not the bloody mirror online. Their site sucks for ads. And they own all the little local publishers now too so their sites are the same. Can't stand the bloody things.

Anyway, rant over, that's the score. No point screen printing me anything YET. But I will ask you to later.
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I'm working on this still, just letting you know. Problem is, when I hide them all from logged in users, it's doing it for those logged out still, and I'm not noticing it, or having it reported to me. So I'm needing to show them TO ME while I'm fixing them. And am getting side tracked while I'm doing it.

It actually makes us earn less money, in a roundabout way. So there's no way I'm doing this for more money. And I'm definitely not doing it for the nice looks and smart layout pmsl

I am on this. And it'll be super short term. It's one of those things I'm needing to do this last one time. Wont need mess again until we need to upgrade the forum again.

Not sure if everybody will have the issue. But I certainly have. Just updating you.

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