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Sean Kelly

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Sean Kelly published a new article:

I have written this thread so that it may give an insight of what you may expect your first year to be like as a new tiler:

It’s now a year since leaving my 4 week tiling course at ‘ Tradeskills4u’ (see my review in the...

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well done for sticking with it mate. all new or wanabe tilers should read this and get a real
insite into the real world , as i said well done mate and all the best for this year


very interesting read mate. thanks for sharing.

and as above - well done for sticking in there...
Sean, well done for posting an honest and sobering account of a first year tiling. Its not easy but well done and keep at it.


What a cracking post!!! Brilliant. :yes: and good on you for hanging in there, it'll pay off, all the signs are there. Fabulous.


I enjoyed reading that sean...and i am happy that tilers forums.co.uk have helped you out....on your journey...:thumbsup:


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Nothing like working for yourself........but it is tough out there.

Keep at it Sean :yes:, and :8:cheers

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great read Sean. How you managed to live on £3000 I do not know I take my hat off to you!

Lucas 2

Nice one Sean! Good read and you must have learned a lot from the guy with 25 years experience, that's priceless! I'm now in about year 3 of self-employed tiling but I would say there have been fewer jobs to quote on since last summer. It must be even harder for people starting now than it was for me. Keep fighting!:11:


good on sean i hope ur 2nd year is better for u an ur family...keep at it mate ...p.s try ur local council or housing associations for any sub work mate best off luck
That's two cracking posts I've read from you today Sean. Well done!
I wish you all the best in your profession.

im glad you told this story sean it aint easy being a new tiler ive set up last year only having a few years experience in tiling and i was set up on my own at 19 i knew instantly that would be an obsticle but ive stuck at it and last year i was near enough busy all year with a decent turnover and have now 5 weeks work ahead of me ive had my tough moments believe me sometimes you question what your doing but thats the journey through self employment

as the previous post says " NEW AND WANNABE TILERS TAKE NOTE" dont mean to sound harsh but i see alot on the new members posts where people who are going to get van and tools before they have even took a course well this is what your going to expect and i think sean is a glowing example of the hard work that should be done

all i can say well done mate keep it up


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I'm sure there will be more we can do for you. Thanks for posting that, I'd love to see a load of those.

All the best for 2009.


:yikes: Thanks for the post Sean, very informative. Looking to start up myself soon and while I'm under no illusions about how difficult things are going to be, especially in the current climate, I hope I'm able to stick at it like you have. Good luck for the future and I hope things pick up for you and everybody else on the forum.:yes:

doug boardley

having just re-read your thread Sean, I'm doubly impressed! hope 2009 is a belting year for you!
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