1. S

    Tiling over existing vinyl flooring glue/adhesive

    Hi all, I'm going to put ceramic tiles down over a concrete floor which has previously had clear looking vinyl flooring glued down onto it as can be seen in the attachment. Am I ok to scrape off any high points and tile down onto it using the Norcros flexible adhesive (after priming with SBR)...
  2. P

    Laying ceramic tiles on self adhesive vinyl tiles.

    Hi I am just after some advice. Can I lay ceramic tiles straight on top of self adhesive tiles? These vinyl tiles have also been laid on old brown linoleum. It is a concrete floor and the self adhesive tiles have been down on top of this linoleum for about 15 years. I attempted to lift the...
  3. H

    Tiling over old bitumen vinyl tiles

    Hi, Im new to the forum have always found what I was looking for up to now just browsing the existing threads but wanted to check this out.... If I have missed a previous thread with the answer I apologise in advance. Im currently renovating a property for rental the kitchen is in and the walls...
  4. Calabrese Flooring

    Mike from Calebrese Flooring Co I have a great passion for wood working, we pride ourselves on remaining small but delivering beautifully crafted flooring in high volumes. I have had huge success. I love to watch my projects take shape into a work of art! I have 15 years experience...
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    Quartz vinyl tiles

    Hi all . I have been given boxes of Rikett Vinyl Quartz Floor Tiles , 300mm x 300mm approx 2 -3mm thick enough for me to lay my kitchen floor what I need to know is do I need to remove old self adhesive floor tiles first or can I lay straight on top or do I need to remove to bare the concrete...
  6. B

    Floor Tiling over 22mil TG4 Peel Clean Caberdec Chip Board

    I need to tile 2nd floor bathrooms in new builds. The existing floor is vinyl over the subfloor of 22 mil TG4 Caberdec Chip Board. Can I rip up the vinyl and tile directly over the chip board, or should I lay down hardibacker or other material first. If yes, what thickness would you recommend.
  7. T

    Tiling a vinyl wetroom - Help needed

    Hello all, This is my first post on this site - I hope everyone is well. I am an avid DIY'er and have previous tiling experience fitting subway tiles in my kitchen. I mustered up the courage to attempt to tile my bathroom, which currently has a vinyl floor wetroom. I'm pretty sure it's the...
  8. M

    Preparation Removing Vynal tile glue

    Hi All Got to a job this morning. Customer has taken up old vynal tiles. The glue under them is sticky to the point I have never seen before. It had torn apart my knee pads and the soul or my work shoes (granted they are old). Razor blades are not making a dent in it. Any ideas anyone...
  9. F

    vinyl floor courses

    Hi. I posted a thread similar to this on another forum by mistake. Any way I am in search of a course or something to undertake installing vinyl floor wet rooms. I have been installing wet rooms for years but now want to specialize in non preformed floors, ie shaping the joists down to gradient...