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  1. F

    Timber to screed with limestone

    I’ve got a timber to concrete floor to do. I haven’t done one for ages and when I did it was on the request of the builder so the responsibility was on him. This one though is for an old couple who have picked a 20mm limestone to be laid random bond across the joint so I don’t have the luxury of...
  2. D

    Timber frame Patio tiling question

    Hi all. I have a raised timber framed (bearers & joist & 450mm spacing ) patio with timber decking. We want to replace decking with tiles. 1st question. So compressed sheeting, water proof then tiling. Will that work? 2nd question. to get that slope for any water run off, how can it be done...
  3. R

    Tiling on suspended timber floor

    I'm looking for some advice, I'm planning to tile the hall floor of my 1st floor flat (approx. 8m²), the existing floorboards are a bit knackered as it's an old (1870's) building. I was planning to lift and remove the existing floorboards, brace the joists with 2x8 at regular centres and at the...
  4. D

    Suspended Timber Floor Tile Prep

    Hey guys, I normally post over in diynot for general DIY but wrt tiling over timber I need some specialist advice... I've recently replaced a very bouncy/squeaky subfloor constructed out of 4x2 (unknown grade) @ 16ish centers on a 2 course sleeper wall (sleeper at either end and mid span @...
  5. M

    springy timber floor prep

    Ive been to see a large living room kitchen area ( knocked through) but the floor is quite springy. Its 15mm floorboards but there are quite a few sections of scrappy board ( 1 mtr lenghts) Im worried 6mm overboarding will not take out the bounce. another tiler had suggested using Ditra...
  6. W

    Suspended timber floor. Foam Vs HB/NMP/A-Panel

    Standard suspended timber floor, regarding overboarding- do people consider the foam boards (wedi/Marmox/Jack0/Ducka etc) as good as the boards like Hardiebacker/NMP/Aquapanel etc. I’m asking this in relation to UFH and suspended timber ground floors where the insulating properties of the foam...
  7. D

    Suspended timber floor preparation.

    Hi I have a small cloakroom/bathroom 1.2m X 1.5m it's a suspended timber ground floor with the joists on sleeper walls. I want to tile in 600 X 600 11mm thick polished porcelain. What is best way to prepare the floor? I am taking the existing chipboard out. There is no underfloor heating. I...
  8. C

    Water UFH Suspended Timber Solution

    Hi, I'm currently renovating a house which has suspended timber flooring of 100mm joists. I am also extending the property which will have a concrete floor. I am wanting to install wet UFH in both areas and for the concrete floor I'm comfortable with the 100mm of insulation, pipes and screed...
  9. B

    Help with Timber Floor Preparation

    Hi, I am a old forum member from several years ago who has just signed up again. Like many others I did some tile training in Harlow and thought I could go out and become a tiler and I did quite a few jobs and they went okay. I enjoy tiling and I'm a bit of a perfectionist (good quality in a...
  10. G

    Adhesive Grout cracking

    Good morning all, Been to see a job and the grout on the bathroom and showroom floor is beginning to crack. It's on a timber floor with a decoupling membrane ( deco matting I think it is called ) There is a section not tiled and the matting seems well stuck.i asked to See to grout and it is...
  11. M

    Adhesive Tiling Over C16 Timber

    Hi, I am building a shower/wetroom frame with C16 timber type of wood. I plan to use either tiles or splash wall panel all over 10mm Marmox backing boards. My question is for the shower tray step, made of c16 timber and about 6 inches height. To save the Marmox space backing board, I wonder...
  12. B

    Tiling Timber Floors - Preferred Method?

    Hi all, I do a lot of my work for a bathroom fitting company and the fitters constantly discuss the best method for dealing with wooden floors. I was brought up on 9mm WBP screwed every 100mm and primed, but I am now leaning towards anti crack matting. Others use Kudos Aqua4ma or Hardibacker...
  13. A

    Preparing bath timber frame for tiling

    Hello (1st post!) I'm in the process of redoing my bathroom, and decided I'd like to have a tiled bath panel. The problem is - there is already a 2x2 timber frame there, which leaves less than 1cm between it and the edge of the bath. Previously there was a thin sheet of mdf as a bath panel. I...
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