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  1. Mapei UK Marketing

    TTA Tiling Show

    As Gold Sponsors we'd like to invite you to the TTA Tiling Show in Birmingham on Friday 12th April, 10am - 4pm where we will be showcasing our lightweight #tiling products on Stand D31. Register for FREE here The Tiling Show | TTA Awards -
  2. LEE MAC

    TTA awards, have you voted yet?

    I was just wondering how many of you have seen the nominations for this years TTA awards, some really nice work on there. I have to congratulate our forum members Andy and Sharon for their achievement in being nominated, well done and well deserved :) It says alot to be good enough to stand out...
  3. I

    I'm Looking For This Tile Urgent - Reclaimed Terracotta Tiles

    Desperately looking for these antique terracotta tiles. Please let me know if you know a source. Thanks
  4. D

    Adhesive Best adhesive for terracotta wall tiles?

    Hi all, I'm a keen DIYer and about to embark on my first major tiling job, I've done a few bits and pieces before but nothing on this scale. I'll be tiling our kitchen & utility room between the worktops and wall units with terracotta tiles (Mexican glazed "Talavera" tiles, 4"x4") and I'm...
  5. 3_fall

    Porcel-Thin Calacatta Bookmatch.

    I was in Hampstead at the weekend trying to get some final images from the Bookmatch job. There's still a fair amount covered up, but this is some of it. Hopefully this link will work. :confused:
  6. Dan

    French and German attacks

    Bloody terrible to keep having these attacks. They're achieving nothing. RIP to those involved. Sharing a thought or two for their families.
  7. D

    DIY Re-attaching Tiles At Bottom Of Shower

    Hello I'm a DIYer that's never done any tiling. The silicone at the bottom of our shower was looking a bit ropey so I thought I'd cut it out and replace it. When doing that I noticed the grout in the bottom tiles was also looking a bit iffy so I decided to rake that out too. After I'd done...
  8. R

    Pictures Book Match Calacatta

    well with the help of Gary and Ross we have put the book match up in our showroom heres a few pictures plus the plan in my next post you can see how many diffrent matches you can make
  9. P

    Grouting Terracotta

    Hi there. I need a memory jog. Terracotta with 10 to 20mm joint. Ball wide joint or sand cement ratio.
  10. R

    Preparation Terracotta Brick Tiles

    good morning all. Just been to look at a job where the client has chosen to use a tile from fired Earth called Lubelska brick tile which from what I can gather are reclaimed brick tile similar to a terracotta tile. My question is with regards to the prep work. The substrate is old existing...
  11. hmtiling

    Handmade English Terracotta

    Hi all. I've got a job with these fore-mentioned terracotta floor tiles and wondering which inpregnating/sealing method you finds easiest/least hassle. It's been 17 years since i worked with the stuff! I'm considering the lithofin modern method. All input appreciated. Many thanks.
  12. Andy Allen

    Paris Attacks.

    Terrible what's happening in Paris. Hope you guy's living and working in London take extra care......
  13. N

    I'm Looking For This Tile Calacatta Grey Wall And Floor Tile

    Hi. I'm looking for one or even two boxes of calacatta grey wall and floor tiles in the original matt finish. Wickes have discontinued them and the new version are gloss. Theyare 40 x 30cm. Product code W206956W. Thanks
  14. L

    Help Restoring Terra-cotta Tiles Which Have Been Under Carpet For Years

    Having trawled through the internet i have stumbled across this forum and was wondering if anyone could help the dilemma we are currently facing. We have recently purchased an old victorian terrace which is in dire needs of repair and restoration. When we took up the carpet and lino in the...
  15. Simons70

    TTA Awards Finalists

    Best Use of Tile in a Commercial Contract:we help here;Shoe Heaven – Trainor Contracts
  16. H

    another cottage job but walls are damp!

    Was out today pricing a large bathroom in an old cottage and 2 of the walls are very damp all over the wall. Its already tiled and tiles have been on over 20 years and I noticed the damp where the customer already removed some tiles. I'm surprised these tiles are still on and TBH, they are well...
  17. aflemi

    Floating Chipboard Floor over Hetta wet ufh pipes (like polypipe)

    This is about a Victorian conversion property I am buying. I agreed purchase on condition that I fitted out 2 bathrooms. Builder has constructed the following floor structure: "The floor make up is as follows. 22mm chipboard glued joints and onto the Ecojoist. 6mm Accusti rubber mat laid over...
  18. A

    Terracotta tile restoration

    Hi, we are fairly desperate at out condo to get our common area flooring revamped. Right now it looks terrible after 30 years of wax and dirt the tiles look dark and in places the thick wax/dirt coating has chipped off. We are thinking that perhaps this kind of floor would benefit from being...
  19. R

    Searching for Avalon Terracotta - discontinued?

    I had a long running project in two rooms using an italian porcelain tile from Gambarelli. It was called AVALON TERRACOTTA. I now find I am about 8 12" x 12" tiles short to complete the work. Have tried original supplier with no luck so then google and ebay again with no luck. Any help tracking...
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