A team is a group of individuals (human or non-human) working together to achieve their goal.
As defined by Professor Leigh Thompson of the Kellogg School of Management, "[a] team is a group of people who are interdependent with respect to information, resources, knowledge and skills and who seek to combine their efforts to achieve a common goal".A group does not necessarily constitute a team. Teams normally have members with complementary skills
and generate synergy
through a coordinated effort which allows each member to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. Naresh Jain (2009) claims:

Team members need to learn how to help one another, help other team members realize their true potential, and create an environment that allows everyone to go beyond their limitations.

While academic research on teams and teamwork has grown consistently and has shown a sharp increase over the past recent 40 years, the societal diffusion of teams and teamwork actually followed a volatile trend in the 20th century. The concept was introduced into business in the late 20th century, which was followed by a popularization of the concept of constructing teams. Differing opinions exist on the efficacy of this new management fad.
Some see "team" as a four-letter word: overused and under-useful.
Others see it as a panacea that realizes the human-relations movement's desire to integrate what that movement perceives as best for workers and as best for managers.
Still many people believe in the effectiveness of teams, but also see them as dangerous because of the potential for exploiting workers — in that team effectiveness can rely on peer pressure and peer surveillance.
However, Hackman sees team effectiveness not only in terms of performance: a truly effective team will contribute to the personal well-being and adaptive growth of its members.English-speakers commonly use the word "team" in today's society to characterise many types of groups. Peter Guy Northouse's book Leadership: theory and practice
discusses teams from a leadership perspective. According to the team approach to leadership, a team is a type of organizational group of people that are members. A team is composed of members who are dependent on each other, work towards interchangeable achievements, and share common attainments. A team works as a whole together to achieve certain things. A team is usually located in the same setting as it is normally connected to a kind of organization, company, or community. Teams can meet in-person (directly face-to-face) or virtually when practicing their values and activities or duties. A team's communication is significantly important to their relationship. Ergo, communication is frequent and persistent, and as well are the meetings. The definition of team as an organizational group is not completely set in stone, as organizations have confronted a myriad of new forms of contemporary collaboration. Teams usually have strong organizational structured platforms and respond quickly and efficiently to challenges as they have skills and the capability to do so. An effective organizational team leads to greater productivity, more effective implementation of resources, better decisions and problem-solving, better-quality products/service, and greater innovation and originality.Alongside the concept of a team, compare the more structured/skilled concept of a crew, the advantages of formal and informal partnerships, or the well-defined - but time-limited - existence of task forces.
A team becomes more than just a collection of people when a strong sense of mutual commitment creates synergy, thus generating performance greater than the sum of the performance of its individual members.Thus teams of game players can form (and re-form) to practise their craft/sport. Transport logistics executives can select teams of horses, dogs, or oxen for the purpose of conveying passengers or goods.

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    Looking to add a BADASS tiler to our team! Must be clean . Professional , enthusiastic, and a good attitude. London

    Looking to add a BADASS tiler to our team! Must be clean . Professional , enthusiastic, and a good attitude. London Please private message this user for contact details.
  6. R

    Looking for someone/a team to work with to gain experience

    Hi all, So I'm newly qualified in wall & floor tiling but feel I missed out on alot of practical training due to being in lockdown so my experience isnt where I wanted it to be right now. Finding work as a newbie is difficult and slow so was hoping there might be someone out there who would take...
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    Dave: Back on the moderating team

    Massive thanks to Dave for accepting my offer to become a moderator on the forum again. :) We've missed you. Thanks @Dave :) Welcome back.
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    Adey 1980 new addition to the Trusted Advisers Team

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    Team of 10 skilled and professional tilers available for work.

    We are a team of 10 tilers/stone fitters and 3 floor layers looking to expand our work load. We are based in Heathrow area and willing to travel if needed. Full battery tools, wet cutters, CSCS and PPE + transport. A valid SMSTS and First Aid certificates in place that allows us manage our...
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    Counting Down to WorldSkills with the UK Tiling Team

    Dan submitted a new blog post Counting Down to WorldSkills with the UK Tiling Team Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
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    Happy Christmas from the team at Uheat underfloor heating

    Happy Christmas from the team at Uheat underfloor heating!
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    New Build Tilers In Kent, 620m2 Internal & External, Wall & Floor, Team Wanted

    We have a single new build property ready for tiling. The job comprises 620m2 in total. Porcelain floor tiles throughout on the floor with stair treads pre-cut. 15-20m2 of glass mosaics on walls. 250 m2 of Limestone strips to be fitted external. Floors are level. We are looking for a team...
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    Welcome Davidhowetiling To The Moderating Team

    Most will know David Howe, many will know he is a big reason this forum took off. We welcome @DavidHoweTiling back to the moderating team at Please raise a glass. :)
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    Vibration floor tiling team required

    I am looking for an experienced team of vibration tilers. Our company installs ceramic tiles by Vibration method in supermarkets across Europe. We are currently looking for more teams, and right now we have a vacancy for an experienced team of vibration tilers to work with us on our U.K...
  15. Dan

    TEAM MOVEMBER - Join the Movember Team Early and start raising cash!

    Hi lads and ladies, you may remember that last year I joined Movember and raised a whopping £40 or something. I think £20 was my own cash, £10 was Neales (Sir Ramics) and a friend offline gave another £10. Disgusting I thought. I can do better than that. So I'm starting early this year and am...
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    Team of 2 tilers needed

    Hi Guys Need a team of 2 tilers for a job we are on in the Telford area very urgent start needed. Job Consists of approx 120m2 floor tiling 200x200 porcelain with sit skirting to match approx 60 lm. There is some wall tiling to follow in 200x200 white. Please email -...
  17. M

    Epoxy Grout Team

    Hi Guys Looking for an expericanced Epoxy grout team, i know there are people out there that do this specifically so anyone who is interested get in touch via private message. Job is in the Midlands and will not sart for a few weeks yet but we need to plan in advance due to program and need to...
  18. R

    good tiler to join my team

    Im looking for a good tiler to join my team, must have years exp cscs and tools, lots of work coming up, day work and price, please get in touch via email guys,[email protected], would suite a tiler who doesn t mind working the london and surrounding counties area, my tilers are good...
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    Ryan Giggs to captain Team GB at London 2012 Olympics

    Manchester United midfielder Ryan Giggs has been named as the Great Britain captain for the London Olympics. The 38-year-old is one of three over-age players selected in Stuart Pearce's 18-man squad. Fellow Welshman Craig Bellamy was also chosen along with Manchester City and England defender...
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    sand and cement fix by team of polish tilers, amazing

    just want to share what i witnessed last week,i was working up in london ,well croyden,tiling the toilets in the new lidles,the floor area of the main shop 900m2 was already done apart from 145m2,all laid i was told in a week sand and cement,well i couldnt believe it,but at 12,0 clock 6 polish...
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