Supplier risk management (SRM) is an evolving discipline in operations management for manufacturers, retailers, financial services companies and government agencies where an organization is dependent on suppliers to achieve business objectives.
The complexity and globally outsourced nature of modern supply chains, combined with the practice of optimization techniques such as lean and just-in-time manufacturing in order to improve efficiency, has increased supply chain vulnerabilities to even minor supply disruptions. While these models have allowed companies to reduce overall costs and expand quickly into new markets, they also expose the company to the risk of a supplier bankruptcy, closing operations, data breach or being acquired. Among the several types of supply disruptions, most severe are those that have a relatively low probability of occurrence with a very high severity of impact when they do occur. While such risks cannot be eliminated, however, its severity can be reduced.

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  1. R

    Tile supplier wanted

    Hi, We are near completing the work on my house and now looking for 300 Sq meters of 20mm porcelain tiles, to be 600mm X 900 or similar, must be 600 wide tho, I looking for White or very light Grey something like the picture attached Is there a company I can import them from ao a compamy in the...
  2. BulkWorkwear

    Popular Softshell Jackets Back in Stock

  3. J

    CTD Colchester; Tile Supplier Recommended by JulianSydney on

    I've been using the Colchester branch of CTD for over 10 years and find them very helpful and knowledgeable about the produces they sell. Kim is the present manager and has been working there from before my time. 01206 542047
  4. R

    Hole cutters cheap supplier

    Whats the go 2 place for porcelain cutting cheap hole cutters and whats the top make currently so i can build up a collection. I use to richon years ago but not sure if theirs a better place thanks.
  5. J

    electric underfloor heating supplier

    hi anyone know russell whop sells underfloor electric heating ive lost his no and cant remember his surname or his company . he brings his heat mats in from ireland . theyre good mats at good price but i need to ask him a tech question .
  6. B

    Supplier or ideas for stone shower bench?

    The wife has got it in to her head that our new walk in wet room (shower size in the room of 5mx4m is 1.5x1.5m) needs one of those shower benches she's seen in a lot of American bathrooms. Good idea, bad idea - it's happening for my quiet life :) I was hoping that this might be a standard item...
  7. F

    Can anyone recommend a good slate supplier

    A customer of mine is after some good quality calibrated slate with natural copper colours, not just black/grey. Can anyone recommend a supplier?
  8. T

    Backlit tile kit supplier

    Hey guys. Anyone know of any suppliers of this product based in the U.K? Thanks in advance.
  9. Dan

    Most used plumbing supplier

    The UK's Most Used Plumbing Suppliers - 2017 - Posted this poll earlier and had over 170 votes so far. We'll find out the most used plumbing supplier with this one. It's gonna be a big one I think!
  10. T

    Tons Of Tiles

    evening, what's people's thoughts of tiles from tons of tiles or tile mountain? Quality, uniform size, edges ect? I normally only get from tops
  11. Lakey

    Marble Bath Deck

    Might be barking up the wrong tree here but can anyone recommend a good supplier that can provide a bespoke marble bath deck to go over a undermounted bath? I'm based near Crawley in West Sussex if that helps?! Thanks in advance!
  12. T

    Quartz Quartz Tiles Direct

    Has anybody had any dealings with this company, or know anything about them? Would like dark grey quartz, which these appear to sell as Tempesta, shown on this page Quartz Worktops Direct granite quartz Floor Tiles kitchen worktops rather than the lighter grey found everywhere else. Thanks Tom
  13. Dan

    Tile Related Companies On Twitter

    Okay so I thought I'd knock up a thread linking to the twitter accounts for all the tile adhesive related companies that I can find. I'll categories them as best I can. If you respond with some, please note what category they'd fit in so I can edit this original post and create one huge list for...
  14. Wishiwasatoptiler

    Top Supplier Service

    Just wanted to give a shout out to a few suppliers that provided top service at great prices Ats diamond drills Trade tiler Just the ticket. Fellas.
  15. Dan

    Most used tile supplier

    Okay, thought it was about time for another poll. Please vote for the 1 or 2 tile suppliers you use most and then tell us why by replying to the thread. If the tile supplier / outlet you use most isn't listed, reply to the thread and tag me in the post and let me know their name, and I'll add...
  16. D

    Ten years service to tile industry for PORSADRILL supplier 365-Drills

    Ten years service to the Tile Industry for diamond core manufacturers 365Drills With a full range of diamond core tile drills for professional installers. Innovations in holesaw guidance and cooling. The popular Bathroom Fitters Kit @ £7 a drill for a seven piece pack And the easy...
  17. A

    Mapei What size spacers? Which Mapei supplier?

    I am tiling the following floors in my house renovation and was wondering what the views are on whether I should use Mapei Latex Plus: 900x900 slate tiles on concrete floor For this floor Mapei have recommended; Prime the surface of the heating cables & the boards with Mapei Eco prim grip...
  18. 1

    Best supplier of adhesives North East

    hello tilers of the north east, I am recently starting for myself and looking for a good adhesive supplier in Newcastle/Gateshead area the ones I used to use has unfortunately closed down (damn credit crunch) so a nudge in the right direction would be most appreciated thanks.
  19. A

    Electric UFH After a good reliable supplier

    Evening ladies and gents. Im after a good, reliable and cheap online supplier of electric under floor heating. What i need is 10sqm of 10mm insulation boards. 6 loose wire UFH with stat. SLC and adhesive ill source elsewhere. Any ideas?
  20. S

    Advice on travertine supplier

    Hi, i recently started working on a project of 72 bathrooms, at the moment I am still in a process of working out labour estimates and also getting quotes for materials. As I need at least 750 sqm of travertine, 10/10 and 20/20, my question would be does anyone know any good places to buy the...