Slate is a fine-grained, foliated, homogeneous metamorphic rock derived from an original shale-type sedimentary rock composed of clay or volcanic ash through low-grade regional metamorphism. It is the finest grained foliated metamorphic rock. Foliation may not correspond to the original sedimentary layering, but instead is in planes perpendicular to the direction of metamorphic compression.The foliation in slate is called "slaty cleavage". It is caused by strong compression causing fine grained clay flakes to regrow in planes perpendicular to the compression. When expertly "cut" by striking parallel to the foliation, with a specialized tool in the quarry, many slates will display a property called fissility, forming smooth flat sheets of stone which have long been used for roofing, floor tiles, and other purposes. Slate is frequently grey in color, especially when seen, en masse, covering roofs. However, slate occurs in a variety of colors even from a single locality; for example, slate from North Wales can be found in many shades of grey, from pale to dark, and may also be purple, green or cyan. Slate is not to be confused with shale, from which it may be formed, or schist.
The word "slate" is also used for certain types of object made from slate rock. It may mean a single roofing tile made of slate, or a writing slate. They were traditionally a small, smooth piece of the rock, often framed in wood, used with chalk as a notepad or notice board, and especially for recording charges in pubs and inns. The phrases "clean slate" and "blank slate" come from this usage.

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  1. J

    High gloss sealer advise for multi sheera slate in kichen

    Hi I have natural multicolour slate tiles in my kitchen . They have been very dull recently and dry. I want to put on a high gloss shine to it. There is no other layer of sealer on it and it has been cleaned with lithofin cleaner. I was told i could use a solvent concrete gloss sealer. Can I...
  2. simonwoody

    Tiling large format slate onto anhydrite screed

    I am planning to lay 600mm x 600mm x 20mm slate on to an anhydrite screed. It is a very thick tile! I was not familiar with anhydrite screeds and have been reading some of the horror stories. I was set on using Anhyfix but I see Tilemaster have stopped producing it and I spoke to Ditra technical...
  3. S

    Split Face Tile - Is this how it should look when job is finished?

    Hey everyone! Just want to say first of all that I am not a tiler or anything I’m just in need of some advice if possible! My parents got their chimney breast done in Split Face Slate Tiles and I’m not sure if this is how it should have been left, I’ll try and attach images but there is a lot of...
  4. A

    I'm Looking For This Tile 12 inch riven/slate effect tile replacements

    Hi, my (not very old house) has 12 inch back riven floor tiles that I needs some replacements, is there anywhere that I might find some?
  5. Cherie

    Slate drinking my sealer

    What sealer would you use on slate? I used Miracle sealer for stone but I saw a few spots the other day by sink. It's my son's house, he said he sealed it and the bottle was opened. It seems to absorb it.
  6. S

    subfloor for slate tile floor on hallway

    I would like to install slate tile on the hallway and foyer (blue rectangles) of my house. However, I don't think the framing in the hallway meets the L/720 deflection necessary for natural stone. So I was hoping I could get some advice and opinion on fixes and feasibility of such a project...
  7. A

    Slate over Anhydrite screed - commissioning a

    Hello 45mm Anhydrite screed (Aggregate Industries 'Highflow') is now dry (moisture tested by contractor). Thoroughly dried out with 2 x dehumidifiers running 24x7 for 45 days. Wet UFH system in screed - but boiler is not yet installed - so can't take the floor through a thermal stress cycle...
  8. M

    How to finish slate coping?

    Our house has raised planters built from concrete block, rendered, painted white and capped with slate coping (20mm slate tiles cut to size 150x400).... Problem is that the grout between the slate copings has caused (what I can only describe as) black "run off" marks running down the face of the...
  9. Scotiansailor

    Size of notched trowel for 300x600mm uncalibrated slate?

    Hello, newbie here once again, trying to determine the best size of notched trowel for spreading adhesive for 300x600mm uncalibrated slate on our floor? Will be laying on a new concrete screed. Thanks for the help :)
  10. J

    460x910 slate effect tiles in hallway

    Two main questions here. Is it normal to run tiles of this format in a hallway along the length of the hall? And secondly when it comes to staggering the tiles with them being quite a rustic/tumbled tile is it suitable to use the cut from the end of a run as the start of the next course of tile...
  11. Scotiansailor

    Best sealer for rustic riven multicolor slate?

    Hello, I’m laying slate tile (indoors) for the first time, and need help choosing a sealer. Has anyone used Adseal Water Based Sealer (Matt)? We dont want a glossy floor, but if the slate was to darken a bit with the sealer, we would be ok with that. It will be in the front vestibule, so will be...
  12. C

    600mm x 400mm Slate floor on bitumen

    Hi there, I'm looking to tile the whole downstairs of my house with a machined 600x400 slate floor tile the sub-floor is bitumen and I wanted to know what surface preparation and adhesive to use? Any advice greatly received. Thanks,
  13. D

    Floor build-up advice with Hardiebacker

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice on final floor buildup. We're installing a shower tray onto ply (with grab addy), it's 1700x800mm so should perform as a wetroom, closed on all sides apart from a bit at the end of one side to get in and out. So my question is about the rest of the floor...
  14. S

    Cleaning stained unsealed slate tiles

    Hello I have tiled my floor with slate tiles. Due to some scheduling issues prior to sealing or grouting them I had a plaster and plumber in to do some work. The floor covering didn't do the required job and I now have dust, plaster, possibly a bit of adhesive and paint on the tiles. I have...
  15. S

    How do I grout uneven slate mosaic

    First time poster.....any advice on how best to grout these massively uneven mosaic slate tiles and should they be sealed first and if so, what do you recommend? Thanks in advance
  16. Bond

    Slate tile tolerance.

    Slate tolerance, what is acceptable. working on a new build house, for the contractor, (customer supplied tiles) question is what is deemed acceptable in terms of tolerance with regard to slate tiles. the tiles in question are Piscola 60x40cm, they vary in thickness from 8 to 20 mm, and out...
  17. R

    Black Slate Shower Tray HELP!?!

    Hi all New to the forum, anyone have an idea how to clean and get these white stains off a newly installed black slate shower tray (8 months ago), my wife have stupidly used a product called ViaKal and it might have damaged the surface - but im unsure if this is stain or damaged. I would be...
  18. M

    natural slate stone patio laid , grout haze marks on stone

    Laid a natural stone slate patio. Used projoint max expoxy paving grout used it for nearly 2 years. Yet after 6 hours sudden change in weather so went and covered and sheeted over as advised with water proof sheet. Came next morning removed and now got milky epoxy residue haze on stones. Any...
  19. P

    Chinese Slate sealing before grouting?

    Hi Guys just a quick query if any one could give some advice please. i have a small project of about roughly 3 or 4 sq metres of chinese slate to put down in a little cloakroom. After i lay it on rapid set adhesive whats the best step for sealing before grouting? Do I seal the whole tile ? Or do...
  20. I

    My 1st Job split face slate

    hi guys. i am going to have a go at fitting split face slate tiles on my kitchen walls but need some advice on how best to deal with electrical sockets and the best way to get it neat as the slate is very uneven.
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