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  1. Ronin63

    Cleaning flamed granite and sealing, flamed granite(if required)

    Good day everyone! I had a granite company do a supply and install of flamed granite in a public walkway, inside. The grout was smeared across the flamed grout, and was difficult to remove, but most of it i was able to remove with just simple soap and water(mostly water) and those steel scrub...
  2. P

    Old plaster came away, render looks solid and flat what do i need to seal it with prior to tiling?

    Hi All, Have just started removing the tiles in an old bathroom and the plaster is coming off with the old tiles but the render remains in tact and in decent condition, the surface appears to be solid, dry and flat. Do I need to apply a primer prior to tiling? is a fairly wet room so don't want...
  3. J

    How can I completely seal around a concealed 3 way shower mixer in a Kerdi Board shower wall.

    Hi Everyone, My plan is to install Kerdi Board in my bathroom, tank it, then tile. I was going to get a 3 way shower mixer (Bristan Descent) but when I look at the installation instructions it shows a cut out section at the front (to access the valves presumably). My question is how do I ensure...
  4. C

    Cleaning and sealing a marble sink prior to installation

    We have a marble sink purchased from mandarin stone. Does anyone know the best cleaning products to use prior to sealing and installation? Any ideas on sealants would also be welcome. Thanks for taking the time!
  5. Q

    Schlüter®-KERDI-TS showertray/ bath seal

    I wasn' aware that Schlüter made a 'Classi Seal' type seal called KERDI-TS. Here it is- Schlüter®-KERDI-TS is a seaming strip made of polyethylene with double-sided fleece fabric and a self-adhesive sound insulation strip. When properly installed, it creates a secure bond between built-in...
  6. S

    Remove concrete screed from Red/Black Quarry tiles and then clean and seal

    Hi Everyone, We have come across some Red/Black Quarry tiles in our hall way that have over the years had concrete screed over the top, we have been to try and scrape back but its taken a day to just scrape back a few, has anyone got any tips to aid this process, and once the screed is removed...
  7. P

    DIY Silicone seal shower corners

    Hi I've just completed a re-tile of the en-suite using Porecelanosa Cubica. the shower area is 3 wall, 2 white on black. I'm struggling to get a decent 'line' of silicone seal on the vertical black to white tile joint using white silicone (dow 785). The white to white doesn't look too bad at...
  8. L

    Slate Colour Enhance / Seal

    Hello to everyone I'm LizzieLee and I hope that some people here might be able to help me?! I hand engrave new and used roofing slate - usually fairly small pieces. As some of my work needs to go outside, I found that sealing it with Adseal Invisiseal worked great over the engraving - keeping...
  9. A

    My 1st Job Advice on regrouting/sealing

    Hello, I'm a novice to tiling and I'm looking for some advice on a problem I'm having. I'm trying to tackle some old grouting and sealant in my bathroom that has gone mouldy. Tried covering it up with some grout and silicon replenisher type product from Unibond, which has worked in parts but...
  10. G

    Quartz Quartz floor tile sealing

    Hi, First post here. My name is Graham and I'm widening my DIY skills on my house in Kent. I have tiled the kitchen walls with a mirrored Quartz tile from a popular tile chain. I bought the adhesive and grout from them as they recommended. We have since decided to replace the slate floor tiles...
  11. J

    Preparation Split face wet look sealing

    Done a feature wall in split face, customer was dead happy with it. I've sealed it using fila pt10 wet look colour enhancer, which is the look he wanted. Any way he calls me up saying it's gone much lighter and the colour isn't as dark now. This is I've a week later. I'm thinking of getting some...
  12. W

    sealing around shower tray - best method or practice?

    I intend to tank plasterboard with mapei mapgum (or similar) and tape the joints as shown in this video below. It also shows the tape being bonded to the tray surface then tiled afterwards. Taking into account the thickness of tile and adhesive (which should obscure the joint) there would be...
  13. P

    Sealing and grouting encaustic tiles

    Just wondering if anyone else who's worked with Original Style might be able to advise. I've tiled a floor with their "black" and "white" encaustic 6" tiles and have sealed with Universeal All-in-one sealant. Went back today to grout but was getting some staining on the white tiles (cast iron...
  14. Dan

    Cleaning and sealing Victorian floor tiles - my own floor

    Hello ladies. Awesome forum you have here I have to say :D :D :D Glad I found it. I have the following tiles in my kitchen. They are looking very tired and the odd one is cracked. I'm not too bothered about the cracks they are all still in position nothing missing. I'm looking to clean...
  15. B

    Sealing around a shower tray

    Job coming up soon 3 en suites and 1 main bathroom, some guys on here recommending classi seal ( looks like a modern version of bitumen strip) for shower trays. Will be a Wedi board installation on walls with tanking kit, so could take tanking kit onto tray (tapes and rubber solution) then over...
  16. Dan

    "Sealing" the walls with PVA Glue before tiling

    "Sealing" with PVA before tiling - DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME by Dan posted Feb 7, 2017 at 10:14 PM Not sure how to work this forum, will this work? Old but comedy gold.
  17. F

    Tanking - Sealing to white tray

    it's a topic that has cropped up before but I don't think a definitive outcome came from it. What is your method to ensure the best possible seal to a white shower tray when your tanking the walls?
  18. D

    Adhesive Sealing query

    Guys, I'm currently doing a job for a customer with some Fired Earth metros with a crackled glaze. Question is do I need to seal them before grouting or after?? They are two tone with a pebble colour half way up the room and then white at the top, grout colour is going to be a silver grey. Just...
  19. T

    Greasy marks when sealing - transit wax?

    We have had 4 square meters of polished porcelain tiles laid in our bathroom. These ones from Homebase. The Website says they need sealing so I bought some LTP MPG sealer and applied it as per the instructions. When buffing, the surface turns to greasy, smeary mess - the transit wax problem? My...
  20. Chalker

    Vynil floor to wall seal

    Hi I'm on with a wet room for a customer with MS. It's wheelchair acccesable. With a non slip vynil floor and nuance boards for the walls. The floor company want to do the usual upstand and then a plastic transition strip to join to the wall boards. I've done it like that a few times with tiles...
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