Protection is any measure taken to guard a thing against damage caused by outside forces. Protection can be provided to physical objects, including organisms, to systems, and to intangible things like civil and political rights. Although the mechanisms for providing protection vary widely, the basic meaning of the term remains the same. This is illustrated by an explanation found in a manual on electrical wiring:

The meaning of the word protection, as used in the electrical industry, is no different to that in everyday use. People protect themselves against personal or financial loss by means of insurance and from injury or discomfort by the use of protective clothing. They further protect their property by the installation of security measures such as locks and/or alarm systems.
Some kind of protection is a characteristic of all life, as living things have evolved at least some protective mechanisms to counter damaging environmental phenomena, such as ultraviolet light. Biological membranes such as bark on trees and skin on animals offer protection from various threats, with skin playing a key role in protecting organisms against pathogens and excessive water loss. Additional structures like scales and hair offer further protection from the elements and from predators, with some animals having features such as spines or camouflage serving exclusively as anti-predator adaptations. Many animals supplement the protection afforded by their physiology by burrowing or otherwise adopting habitats or behaviors that insulate them from potential sources of harm. Humans originally began wearing clothing and building shelters in prehistoric times for protection from the elements. Both humans and animals are also often concerned with the protection of others, with adult animals being particularly inclined to seek to protect their young from elements of nature and from predators.
In the human sphere of activity, the concept of protection has been extended to nonliving objects, including technological systems such as computers, and to intangible things such as intellectual property, beliefs, and economic systems. Humans seek to protect locations of historical and cultural significance through historic preservation efforts, and are also concerned with protecting the environment from damage caused by human activity, and with protecting the Earth as a whole from potentially harmful objects from space.

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    Safety Wear

    Safety Work Hand Protection Gloves From disposable gloves for daily use to thermal gloves for cold weather, our range of gloves will protect your hands in every situation. Browse our wide range here - Safety Work Gloves
  2. I

    Porcelain Handy Protection Sheet Left Printed Like Lines All Of Porcelain Tiles

    Hi I have a bit of an issue. Had some tiles laid down, and the builder put Antinox Handy Protection Sheet over them, to protect the tiles while he was working Now when the protection sheets were removed it seems the lined print pattern of the mats has printed onto the porcelain tiles. I have...

    Black Limstone cleaning polishing and protecting

    Looking for advice on cleaning up these black limestone tiles. Have striped sealer of them. They had winter unprotected and now need to clean them back up and protect them. Would a polish machine help clean them clean? If so what colour pads and what cleaning agent would you recommend please.
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    Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Now Available

    Antibacterial Hand Sanitizers 100ml now available at Click link to purchase yours: Sanitize - Instant Hand Sanitizer Antibacterial 75% Alcohol - Selling FAST!
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  6. D

    Floor protection for sale guys I've been on a job for a few month's perfect for private jobs

    Floor protection for private jobs covers the carpet brilliant saves any complaints 😉
  7. D

    Data protection its a good thing ?

    So we found a stray dog took it to the vets , they scanned it ,the vets rang mobile no , out of order , and can't give us the address where the dog lives because of data protection.
  8. Wishiwasatoptiler

    Preparation Dust and eye protection masks

    Hi Looking to pick up a few masks for a crappy ceiling pull down job. Looked at these. Any one used them. Are they any good Would then use for tiling use. Cutting boards, grinding floors etc. Thanks
  9. F

    Proplex surface protection

    has anyone used this ? Seems like a good price? I have a floor to tile then I and others will be working over it for some time so needs protecting Proplex Surface Protection Sheet 1200mm x 2400mm | -
  10. Dan

    Splash protection and greater flexibility

    Dan published a new article: Read more about this article...
  11. A

    Protection For Doorstep Mosaic Insert

    Hello all, a potential client of mine has had a gorgeous mosaic made up on 6mm hardiebacker (picture attached) that she would like me to put in the center of her front doorstep and tile around. It looks lovely but very fragile and there are some tiles that are sticking up and look very prone to...
  12. O

    Ram Board Protection

    I've seen a new product in Travis Perkins called Ram Board, Has anyone else seen it, tried it? Thinking of trying it out on my next project. Approx £45+ vat. Ram Board is a heavy-duty, temporary floor protectionengineered for Contractors. Designed with cost and efficiency in mind; it lays out...
  13. M

    Proknee 0714

    Anyone reccomending? Quite expensive, but knees are valuable..
  14. S

    Alpro Knee Pads

    does anyone know if anywhere has any at the moment? Cheers Paul
  15. S

    Sticking on a Cracked Tile, any water protection?

    Hi, Unfortunately we have to stick on a cracked porcelain tile to the wall around the bath area underneath the over bath shower. When the 2 broken pieces are put together there is no gap but Im afraid over time some water may get behind it into the wall. Is there anything we can put behind...
  16. Dan

    Terracotta Tile: Care, Protection and Maintenance

    Cleaning, Sealing and Maintaining Terracotta Tile (Terra cotta tile) Terracotta has been used on floors and walls for centuries. As with all natural materials, it does require a certain level of care. This post will provide a comprehensive guide to … Continue reading → More... Auto Feed from...
  17. Dan

    Stone fireplace protection – Clean, protect and maintain

    How do you make sure your*natural stone fireplace*looks great? Natural stone has been used to create dramatic stone fireplace surrounds and carved chimney pieces since before roman times. The choice is now extensive from traditional*grand style to a simple*minimalism*design or … Continue reading...
  18. D

    Do you use protection !!

    Yes i thought that would get your attention :lol: Tiler Terms and Conditions Template - Sample & Download - for UK use i found this as there seems to be a lot of us all getting messed about by customers/main contractors and the like so if you don't use protection !!:smilewinkgrin: now is the...
  19. W

    best protection for worktops

    Hi guys just wanna know what is the best thing to use to protect the worktops and floors in a customers home.
  20. D

    Foldi-sheet, surface protection...

    Just seen these on twitter...