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  1. C

    Need pricing advice(new tiler)

    I was with for a tiler for the last 3 years but I’m working for myself now. Im not sure what I should be charging? For my first few jobs I charged €20/sq m but I think this is too low. I don’t want to charge too much but not sell myself short either. and also should I be charging different...
  2. P

    Pricing tiled skirting

    Hi there, I'm pricing a largish floor and the customer wants a tiled skirting. I've done these enough times but haven't really made a note of how many metres I get done in a day. Does anyone have an amount that they allow per day on average?
  3. R

    Limestone Patio Pricing

    Hi Guys. Customer has one of those townhouses where the bottom floor is dug into the ground so the patio at the rear has steps leading up to the garden which is on the same level as the first floor. The existing patio is 10m2and there are 9 steps to the garden and they add another 8m2. The patio...
  4. A

    Ayrshire tiler, new to the forum, saying hello.

    hello, Ayrshire tiler for about 11 years. Found the website while trying to find some information and thought I would join. Hopefully I can learn some new things and I can help others that may be new to tiling. For any experienced tilers, any advice on how to price Victorian tiles or a rough...
  5. L

    Pricing up jobs in London

    Hi guys Relatively new to this game and hoping for a bit of guidance on pricing. Am quoting for 2 en suites, total 60sqm (50 walls, 10 floors approx). Been told the floors are prepped and durabase and self levelling is down, just needs tiles and adhesive and associated materials. The jobs is...
  6. T

    How to price regrouting

    Hello, I’m looking for a little help on how to price regrouting I’ve never took a job like this on before so any help would be much appreciated, area is 25 sqm and the tiles are 300-600 with a 3mm joint.
  7. Skipp3r

    UFH and latexing pricing.

    Just finished job off where I've had to install UFH mat as well as latex before and after. Normally I charge a nominal fee if it's a small bathroom. But this was a kitchen floor so I want to get a idea what people would charge say per square metre for installation of Devi and latexing. Many...
  8. P

    Pricing herringbone tiling

    Hi, I haven't fixed herringbone pattern since the eighties so don't have much idea how long to allow for a job. Can anyone say how much longer percentage-wise this pattern takes verses straight tiling? The job in question is feature bathroom walls if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance.
  9. Spencer

    Pricing Varying tile types.

    Hi everyone and good morning I’m in Stamford in Lincolnshire and wanting an idea of current prices? It’s an affluent area and general per metre is £35 for ceramics 30 x 30 with adhesive and grout as a pointer. It’s the Natural Stone I need a better idea of , as well as wood effect planks and...
  10. Balloo

    Pricing a job in Cotswold

    Hi guys friend of mine who lives in the Cotswolds area has asked me to tile 80mt stone 60x60 and two bathrooms Total 55mts , im not from the area so im looking to find out the rates for pricing
  11. JamesT

    Pricing a tiling job

    Hi everyone I've done several trades across construction, and the thing I struggle most with is pricing, especially on small jobs. I've just finished a job which was only 3 square metres, but took a long time, and I just wanted to see what others would consider charging for it. i know I well...
  12. J

    what should i do about the price if the job takes less time than i thought

    Ive got my first professional job coming up soon and ive quoted them £200, but what if it takes less time to do the job than anticipated? should i lower the price or keep it the same ad tell them i quoted for the amount of work done not the amount of time it took?
  13. S

    How much do tilers charge in South Wales

    Looking to go self employed as it's always been an ambition of mine, I live in South Wales - Ebbw vale, would love to get some info and tips, How much do tilers usually charge per square meter ? Wall and floor tiling ? And wound you adjust the price at all to suit different tiles or big...
  14. Adey1980

    How to work out total price per square metre

    hi all. Need some help how can I work out total price per square metre. Including adhesives and grouts etc. As I have been approached by a kitchen fitter to provide a price and I need to get back to him asap. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  15. C.Vaughan

    Pricing Work With Project Prices For Tiles

    Hi all I have only been involved in supplying tiles on commercial jobs for about a year now. These jobs always have project prices for the tiles so everyone knows the cost of them and your profit margin when quoting. I have always added my margin onto the total cost of the tiles (including...
  16. S

    Marble Underfloor Heating Price.

    Hi, I have to price up a job for tiling 40sqm of Marble tiling with underfloor heating on a concrete floor. The customer is providing backer boards and the underfloor heating only. I will be supplying the materials and doing all the labour. The tiles are 600x400 and 10mm thick. What would you...
  17. Dan

    How do I gain entry to the TilersForums Arms?

    The TilersForums Arms is the business advice area of the forum that is out of the view of the public. We generally share advice related to business aspects of the trade in there. Any NEW additions to the TilersForums Arms (our pub / watering hole) will need to have 50+ posts and to prove...
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