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  1. M

    bathroom job any advice, tips, tricks appreciated

    Bathrrom getting ripoed out everything except the bath with two internal walls and two external. Plan is to rip out old tiles,take wallpaper off plus any plaster left behind it and board all walls with marmox multiboards and seal joints on boards around bath area with their waterproof tape...
  2. M

    Bathroom Floor

    Hi Guys, Wanted to run past the intended process for a bathroom floor project.. First floor bathroom, 1930s house, will be UFH with Porcelain tile. Floor boards need to be ripped up to sort out the plumbing. Replace with 18mm PLY, glue, screw and prime 6mm Insulation board, with adhesive...
  3. S

    Floor Preperation Advice

    Hi guys apologies if its posted in the wrong forum, I'm after a bit of advice i'm in the process of opening conservatory up into new kitchen/diner & having same tiles right through, the conservatory has got an existing ceramic tiled floor, which is slightly lower than kitchen/diner, the question...
  4. C

    preperation for tiling a step external step

    1 remove tiles 2 clean and make smooth could some one fill the rest in do i screed and could you recommend a adhesive the step is 7ft long and 1.5 wide thanks all j,g
  5. T

    Bathroom Mosaic Glass Splash Back Preparation Advice

    See photo... is this standard preparation for a mosaic glass splash back in the bathroom? The wall was freshly painted. Will this need now to be skimmed or can the tiles be applied immediately to this surface with some good adhesive? Is a mesh of some sort required for alignment? The tiles...
  6. aussie tiling

    floor preperation companies manchester

    Hi guys l seen somewhere on here about a company in bury that does floor prep ( Take old tiles up and scrape adhesive off) any info would be appreciated. Thanks Dave
  7. mma

    Floor preperation advice

    I've got to build up a floor at home ASAP, as a new kitchen is being delivered on Friday, and it needs to be tiled before then. Issue is that the floor runs out 40mm so was thinking about using 40mm insulated boards. My usual tile place only stock up to 20mm. So, any other options? Or where can...
  8. james hailwood

    Preparation T&G boards tiling on top of????

    hello, ive got a job coming up and there could be a deal with the step at the entrance of the wet room. ive looked in tilemaster product guide and it says you can tile on top t&g boards after priming with prime+grip primer. Has anyone done this before??
  9. V

    Preparation Gypsum screed prep

    Hi all In process of tiling gypsum based screed It's one of the newer screeds that apparently don't need sanding ect The screed has been down a while and customer thought he was running the water through the heating system to help dry But ther must of being an airlock or dodgy thermostat because...
  10. S

    Preparation Measuring Screed Humidity

    I have posted on here a while back about my undefloor heating project. I now finally have a floor again :) I have had a liquid screed laid, Gylvon Thermio+ at a minumum thickness of 36mm and a maximum of 52mm, average was 48mm. Video of it going down here screed.mp4 -...
  11. Paul C.

    Preparation Damp Bathroom Walls

    Scenario: Very old terraced house - downstairs bathroom - brick walls - bonded and plastered (about 15 years ago it was completely stripped and redone) - damp coming through from outside - mould behind the tiles and in the plaster - tiles fall off - needs re-tiling Damp problem has not yet...

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  • Tilemaster

    Votes: 5 16.1%
  • Mapei

    Votes: 7 22.6%
  • Ultra

    Votes: 2 6.5%
  • Weber

    Votes: 3 9.7%
  • Bal

    Votes: 3 9.7%
  • Kerakoll

    Votes: 4 12.9%
  • Ardex

    Votes: 3 9.7%
  • Rocotex

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  • Palace

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  • Granfix

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  • Sovereign

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  • Dunlop

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  • Laticrete

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  • Bostick

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  • Norcross

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  • Larsen

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  • Isomat

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  • Biscem

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  • Profix

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  • PCI

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  • Benfer

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  • Brit Adhesive

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  • Python

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