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poor workmanship

  1. B

    Poor quality work. What’s should I do?

    We have had a tile tile a bathroom and an ensuite and are not happy with the overall finish of the job. We have asked the tiler to rectify them and he is refusing and is threating court action as we have not paid him anything. The number one issue is the tile trims which have been poorly and...
  2. C

    Tiling dispute with Wickes Tile Installation Service

    Sorry posted this accidentally on the general forum. Hello I am currently in dispute with Wickes bathroom installation as they have fitted my wall tiles and I have cut slivers as the last course where the wall meets the ceiling. They blamed it on an uneven ceiling however I have argued that...
  3. K

    Advice needed - poor workmanship?

    Hello, I am new to this site and seeking some advice on the tiling in our new bathroom. We are really unhappy with the quality of the tiling and have voiced our concerns to the plumber (he also did the tiling). He says he did the best job he could and blamed wonky walls and a difference between...
  4. Chalker

    Preparation Builders Priming

    finally you get a builder to use acrilic primer and they go and use it neat! Came off like cling film .
  5. John Benton

    Makeshift Repairs........

    Just been to look at a job and wasn't expecting this, although it did hold everything together and the loo flushed on demand, well when you pulled the drumstick on the string.....
  6. Chalker

    Pictures Dot And Dabbing At Its Best.

    started a bathroom today. The tiles came of easily, wonder why.
  7. Paul C.

    Tiling Sos

    DIY SOS. Helping people without time or money, in need desperate need to get a project completed. Then theres the Cowboy Traders, were Mel and Dom go in and fix problems caused by dodgy tradesmen. After our most recent enquiry from a customer, it got me thinking..... Story starts. Customer...
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