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  1. R

    Tiling painted bathroom wall

    I am re tiling a bathroom, have re plasterboarded all but this one wall as this one wall has no tiles on, just paint, not sure exactly what type of paint. Can I tile onto this painted plasterboard wall? If yes whats the best way to prepare the painted surface for the tiles? Any advice is much...
  2. L

    How to tile a part painted wall

    Hi there I'm looking for some advice on how to part tile a painted wall. It's a kitchen splashback from the counter halfway up the way just below a shelf. My question is, prepping the surface for tile causes a bit of a mess - is it easy enough to prevent this from messing up the rest of the...
  3. acaciaguy

    Dot and Dab Plasterboard onto painted walls

    Hello all, I know it's not best practice to tile onto painted walls especially when using large format tiles. My question is this - if you Dot and Dab onto painted walls does this not create a similar issue of the paint being behind the plasterboard adhesive - is this why mechanical fixings are...
  4. ShaunCorbs

    Preparation ......painted walls.......

    anyone heard of grit that you apply to painted walls to make them ready ish to tile, also views on this? ta

    Painted concrete on floor to be tiled with UFH

    hi all, advice needed please, I have been asked to lay travertine in a kitchen on top of UFH. I went to look at the job today and the floor is concrete and has been pained twice. Do I need to try and remove the paint or can I key it before fixing insulation board etc? Also would you level the...
  6. theandroids

    Tiling On Painted Drywall 10x20 Tiles

    Hey guys! Would you say it's ok to tile over painted drywall? Some people have been saying yes if it's not gloss paint. Well, the wall is emulsion so is that ok. Or will be better to apply Ardex P4 Primer to the wall instead?
  7. B

    Preparation need help for painted bathroom

    hey guys, just a quick one, got a job coming up and the customer has just got a bath and a bath splash back which is around 3 tiles high, they would like these removing and the tiles extended all the way to the ceiling and they are also having a shower fitting before i tile, my question is, will...
  8. Jamorgan90

    Tiling on to painted wall

    hi all, I am doing on a job and just looking for abit of advice. I have a stair case wall to tile in 200x100 what prime would you use? Tile master grip ?
  9. I

    Old Terracotta Tiles that have been painted - how can I remove paint and restore?

    I've bought a house in France (I can hear the groans!) quaint old place with loads of original terracotta tiles that have been "enhanced" with red paint. I'd love to get the tiles back to their original condition. So - how do I remove the paint and what is the best way of sealing them after...
  10. I

    Adhesive Painted concrete floor to tile - how do I prepare?

    I've got a fairly small area to tile approx. 15 sq.m. The floor is concrete but has been painted with what looks like a gloss paint - could be a specialised floor paint. The tiles going down are porcelain 617x617mm. Questions I have are (a) do I need to remove paint or prepare it in some way...
  11. robbieraven

    Cricket Club Shower Room

    Been asked to tile the cricket club shower rooms, obviously cost is the most critical issue with clubs with not much money. Current walls are painted brick, and pretty flat, let me just stress that, it's very well painted brick! Chairman for cost savings has suggested tiling straight over to...
  12. Localtiler

    Painted Walls And Prime + Grip

    everytime I walk into a room to tile and I see painted walls, I always worry! A lot of the time I've removed any loose with a scraper and scored the rest a bit with Stanley knife, primed with the usual acrylic and tiled with single part flexi and never had an problems. I've got a job to do next...
  13. Tats

    Tiling Onto A 2 Part Epoxy Resin Floor Paint

    Quick question. I have to submit a price for 600m2 of 600x600 porcelain tiles. Just found out that the substrate is concrete over painted with a 2 part epoxy resin floor paint. I have no other info right now so let's assume it's been well done it's adhered correctly and it's a smooth finsih. BAL...
  14. D

    DIY Tiling on painted plaster

    I'm looking to rip out an old bathroom suite shortly and re-tile from floor to ceiling. I'm now unsure on how to proceed with the tiling because the existing walls are old plaster which was painted with some kind of silk or possibly even gloss paint. The bath area also has 2-3 layers of tiles...
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