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  1. Lou

    Which Tile Adhesive Have You Used Most in 2019?

    As it says on the tin, please cast your votes below :)
  2. Dan

    Enable Push Notifications on Most Mobile Phones and Tablets

    https://www.tilersforums.com/account/preferences Click enable push notifications. Choose the options you want to have as a push, an email about (old skool!), or just an alert on the forum for where you next login. :)
  3. Dan

    Most Reactions Block in Sidebar

    :cool: Trying to work out if it's most reactions received or given. Either way, well done @Doug Boardley in first place :) @antonio and @Boggs joint second, and @Albert gets bronze medal in third. :) (I've set it to past 30 days, but I think the wording needs changing it still says 7 -...
  4. Dan

    NEW MEMBERS: Please introduce yourself in this forum category - Most of us don't bite. :)

    Hi, our forum runs on passion. And we hope you're here to join in. Please leave your tiling questions for the main forums. But post a quick introduction about why you're here, where you found us, whether you're pro or DIY, what kind of job you've got on, that kind of thing. Expect the tilers...
  5. Dan

    What makes a good van insurance firm these days - considering most vans never get stolen but broken into?

    New Tilers Van Insurance Provider - But what makes a good van insurance firm these days - considering most vans never get stolen but broken into? Note that this is a public thread so perhaps don't be too open about leaving tools in vans - generalise about leaving tools in vans instead...
  6. Balloo

    is tiling the most difficult of all the trades

    This is the topic on site today , and obviously everyone protested their trade is the most difficult but id love to here what you guys think .
  7. timeless john

    Adhesive Which tile adhesive did you use most during 2018

    Please choose 1 brand for your go to adhesive for last year 2018. Listed brands are in order for adhesive choice for 2017 ( top 10 anyway!)
  8. S

    Adhesive most user friendly epoxy...

    Have a job coming up, around 200sqm of 150x150 non slip dorsets in a water bottling plant. Haven't used epoxy for years and was horrible stuff to use back then, what's the easiest user friendly gear available nowadays?
  9. Dan

    Most used plumbing supplier

    The UK's Most Used Plumbing Suppliers - 2017 - http://www.ukplumbersforums.co.uk/threads/the-uks-most-used-plumbing-suppliers-2017.97826/ Posted this poll earlier and had over 170 votes so far. We'll find out the most used plumbing supplier with this one. It's gonna be a big one I think!
  10. Dave

    Most Popular Tile Adhesive Brand Of 2015?

    If there is a make you use a lot and it's not listed , then mention it and it can be added for you to vote. We would also appreciate a reply with which brand you use and which adhesive you've liked using the most from said brand.
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