1. B

    Membrane penetrations

    Considering using Schluter wall membrane and the Ditra-Heat mat on the floor. How anal do you need to be around pipes, cables and screws that penetrate through your waterproofing layer. I will be fitting the shower shown below with cable and pipe penetrations through the wall. I know there is...
  2. B

    Tiling on cavity membrane

    Hello, Looking for some advice on a very small basement shower room job I have on. Currently stripped back to brick, drainage installed, about to receive mesh membrane to walls and floor. What's the best product to dot and dab onto membrane to receive the tiles? What's the best solution...
  3. P

    Wet room floor membrane

    I am building a small wet room which is 900 x 1850. I am using an AKW Tuff form 900 x 1400 former so there is a 450mm gap at the end which needs to be raised to the level of the former (22mm). The former and the filler piece will be screwed down to the same sub-strait so there is limited...
  4. Localtiler

    Preparation The all singing all dancing do it all uncoupling membrane

    Or so Bal say, here's there new membrane... I think the same system has been released in America for some time under the Ardex name. BAL Flexbone – the architect’s choice for fast track floor tiling on any substrate | netMAGmedia Ltd -...
  5. L

    Using RIW Tilesafe to repair Homelux floor matting - repair patch

    I've lifted two cracked tiles from our wetroom floor and damaged the waterproof membrane in the process roughly - an area of 30 x 20cm. Looks like it's a Homelux product and the damaged part is right next to the waste on the former tray. Any advice on how best to repair this making watertight...
  6. Stu Brard

    Decoupling membrane on self levelling

    Afternoon all, I will be self levelling a 20sqm floor to a depth of 20mm using a flexi levelling compound. My question is, should I fit a decoupling membrane before tiling commences? Thanks in advance, Stu.
  7. callatiler

    Mapei WP200 waterproof decoupling membrane anybody else use it?

    Been using Mapei WP200 waterproof decoupling membrane for the last 3 wetrooms I’ve done. Must say it’s a really good product and recommend trying it. Easy to get hold of at CTD, 30 metre roll, corner/ transition tapes, internal/external corners available also. Anybody else use it and what is...
  8. Del W

    Opinions please on Heatbase decoupling membrane.

    Hello, compared to other systems this seems like a money saver. Anyone used it and have any feed back ? Thanks, Del.
  9. R

    Breaching damproof course? Ok or no or ways round it?

    A customer wants a low profile shower in a downstairs bathroom on a concrete floor. The drainage chanell required would need penetrate the dpc on the outside wall and so presumably that of the floor inside the house too. (I assume they should be on same level?) Drainage would travel about about...
  10. McLovin

    Preparation Dural Durabase CI FH Decoupling UFH - Anyone used it.

    Hi All Snow day for me today so doing some research into a job thats coming up. It 30m2 with 12 m2 UFH. Till now I have always used pro warm backboards with UFH and a layer of SLC over the top but this seems to be going out of fashion and is rather costly. Been looking into UFH membranes and...
  11. Stevev

    tanking membrane...............

    What do you guys think of this? INSTALLATION GUIDE: Impey WaterGuard -
  12. Mapei UK Marketing


    NOW FIX MAPETEX WITH ULTRALITE RAPID FLEX S1 Mapei’s Mapetex is a synthetic, non-woven fabric that may be used as an anti-fracture system together with Mapei’s Ultralite Rapid Flex S1 lightweight rapid setting deformable adhesive. Jason Brunt, Ceramic Product Manager at Mapei UK commented...
  13. Lakey

    Wetroom tray & UFH?!

    Evening folks I am about to tile a bathroom floor inc, Impey wetroom tray & UFH. The work up until now has been carried out by someone else and this is where its at. The floor at present is standard chipboard with the tray being approx 2-3mm proud. I need to run the loose lay cable UFH and...
  14. Kristian

    Liquid membrane over formed tray

    Hi. I've bought the Impey formed tray. Looking at tanking kits, the Impey one (roll out membrane) would cost me about £450 while an alternative liquid kit, by Everbuild Aquaseal will cost me under £100. (15 sqm). Do I just treat the formed tray like any other floor when applying the liquid...
  15. M

    Exterior tiling over waterproof membrane - help please!

    Hi, we are in Gibraltar so there are a limited number of tilers available - I'd like to ask the experts on here for advice, so I know what to ask them to do please. We have exterior steps and balconies which are currently tiled. Beneath them are rooms - when it rains water comes through the...
  16. JulianSidney

    Mapei WP 200 waterproofing and uncoupling membrane

    anyone tried it? Waterproof and uncoupling membrane my local CTD is selling it now. Special price for it at the moment of about £130 plus. Normal price £190 plus for a 30mt roll. wp 200_gb.pdf
  17. S

    Uncoupling membrane vs no more ply, when & where?

    Hi everyone, newbie here, have had previous tiling experience and decided to give it another go, although this time self-employed. Have recently taken a crash course to scratch up on skills and give myself a better foundation of knowledge, cannot wait to get started. I’m still a little...
  18. Adey1980

    Using raimondi on ditra matt

    hi all Just a general question. Is it posssible to use a tile level system such as raimondi etc on top of a decoupling membrane?

    Isomat Tile adhesives, Grout, Liquid and w.m uncoupling membranes

    Here at Isomat we offer a wide selection of high quality tiling products at competitive prices. Attached is a selection of brochures with some of the options available to you. For a full list of products along with the data sheets in pdf format please visit our web page If...

    Isomat UK Uncoupling and W.M Uncoupling Membranes

    Suitable for uncoupling sound and problematic substrates. It allows subsequent coverings to function as independent layers in relation with the substrate. It can be placed on walls or floors in a variety of substrates such as concrete, cement mortars, old layers of tiles, mosaics, masonry etc...

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