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  1. H573

    Cordless Grinder

    Morning All, I’m looking to buy a cordless grinder. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Any suppliers/shops you all buy from would be helpful too. Thanks
  2. tommyzooom

    Bought a cordless grinder, but what way to cut?

    So I bought a Makita 18v grinder, and it could be a game changer. I'm using a Marcrist akkumax blade after being recommended one on here. So far so good. The only drawback is I'm coming home dustier, even though it's cut outdoors, but the blade as supplied is on the left, throwing the dust...
  3. Dan

    Cutting Cutting a hole in a tile with a grinder

    Not seen it done this way before.
  4. dg-1984

    Cutting Angle grinder cutting on top of a board

    I was watching videos on cutting tiles with angle grinder and came a cross one where the tile was cut on what looked like a large board. Anyone know what material it would be looking at getting something to cut on top of.
  5. antonio

    bosch gws18 10sc 125mm

    quick first impact, it looks faster than hitachi, but all 2 say 9000 rpm. great the lever to move the blade cover, just press and turn to the point you need. application and connection installed: through the application it is possible to set the times of light work and intensity, screen time and...
  6. Adey1980

    Bosch grinder died

    So my Bosch variable grinder died yesterday, I think the switch has gone as there is power going to the switch ( I used a electrical pen ). So I phoned Bosch and they are picking it up today to have a look weather they can repair or send a new one out, only problem it’s a 10/12 day back log.
  7. L

    Cutting Which dry disc for 115m grinder.

    Hi guys, the title says it all really. I don't have a wet tile saw so looking for good quality one blade. Also, some hole saw cutters. Is it best to buy cheap and use once and throw and buy decent ones. Thanks guys. Hope you have a good day
  8. dg-1984

    Tips on using an angle grinder

    Can anyone give any hints or tips on using an angle grinder for cutting tiles, bought a variable Bosch and premtool blade. Have read about rotating the grinder and having the blade on the right as pull cutting can be more accurate on longer cuts. Also the dust etc is thrown away from you...
  9. L

    115 mm mesh/netted grinder blde

    looking recommendations on a 115 or 120mm mesh/netted blade. Cheers
  10. B

    Hilti grinder and Hilti variable polisher

    Just a quick review on the 115mm grinder and 125mm variable speed polisher now that I’ve had a couple of days use on 12mm marble. Both are 110v and brand new, bought from local Hilti shop. Start with the grinder, slow start, quiet and hardly any vibration at full speed in hand. You can tell it’s...
  11. dg-1984

    DIY Which Bosch grinder for DIY

    I have a few tiling jobs will be doing over next few months, just DIY but going to get a grinder and good blades. I have other Bosch tools so was going to stick with them as I like the brand but also as I have the batteries and saw the cordless grinder. The batteries I have are only 2ah one but...
  12. Localtiler

    What's your daily grinder

    What's your everyday grinder for cutting ? I have a bosch but the cord is driving me mad it's so rigid, not sure if it's getting more rigid as time goes on! I have a variable which has a lovely supple cord, so I bought the same model but none variable from PTT and that's got a normal cord on it.
  13. E

    Cutting Good Angle Grinder Blade For Cutting Porcelain Tile

    Just wondering what I should expect to pay for a good blade to cut porcelain tiles? It'll be a 4.5" blade to fit my grinder. The guy in one of the local tile shops showed me a £30 blade he "sells to all the professional tilers." I've seen a diamond edged blade in toolstation for £3. But I...
  14. Localtiler

    Cordless angle grinder

    Has anyone got any experience of this machine ? Looks better than the older style DeWalt cordless grinders. 9000 rpm no load speed DeWalt DCG405N 18V XR Brushless 125mm Angle Grinder (Body Only) 5035048665503 | eBay -...
  15. Fitwidge

    Porcelain Porcelain grinder blades

    I’ve just bought a cheap blade of ebay (£5) haha! It’s actually not bad! (Chips tile abit at times) But I’m wanting a decent blade, was thinking montolit cgx, anybody had experience? What the cuts like? Also need a drilling kit for my grinder? Cheers in advance!
  16. acaciaguy

    Grinder for polishing

    I have a cordless Bosch grinder that I use when I can for cuts and mitred edges. It’s great and I love it. However, it is not a variable speed grinder. I would like to get a grinder to put polishing / sanding pads on to finish edges. I believe this will give a better finish and quicker than the...
  17. acaciaguy

    Tile face up or down when using grinder

    Hello all When using an angle grinder with a tile cutting blade on, do you cut with the tile face up or down. Do you want to have blade cutting into face ? Sorry if this is a stupid question.
  18. L

    Best 4 or 5 inch Grinder Blade ???

    Hello everyone it’s been a while since I posted. What’s peoples options on the best small grinder blade for cutting porcelain/natural stone ? If there’s an old post for this please link me to it. Thanks in advance
  19. john bevan

    Angle grinder blade recommendation

    Hi I am looking for a blade for my angle grinder for cutting ceramic tiles can anyone recommend a good one? happy to pay for a decent one rather than having to buy cheap all of the time. so many different ones to choose from so any recommendations would be much appreciated. thanks John
  20. Cranbrook

    Grinder marks on porc

    doing a bit of retro cutting today on porc tiles to fit a led strip light in a recess, scratched all of a tile with my grinder guard, any ideas how to remove? Nightmare!
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