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  1. Tile Fix Direct Marketing

    Tile Fix Direct - Deal of the Week

    Many of you will probably already be aware of this, but we feature a different product each week at Tile Fix Direct with a discount code to save you a bit of money. Our Deal of the Week is shown on the homepage of the site and all you need to do to save is enter the discount code at the...
  2. Dan

    Tile Fix Direct now sponsor TilersForums - Offer on DITRA!

    Tile Fix Direct is a one-stop-shop for tiling and wet room essentials including decoupling matting, shower trays, tile backer boards and adhesive. We stock a range of the most popular products at competitive prices with fast delivery. To celebrate our new sponsorship of Tilers Forums we would...
  3. K

    Tiling Direct Over Vinyl Adhesive

    Hi guys This is related to another post I made regarding putting self leveller over old vinyl adhesive Weve had a look at the floor level and its pretty good to be honest There is a need to level off a small section where the old floor enters into new extension .....this is what the foor...
  4. O

    Who says you can't tile direct to chipboard

    Not sure what these tiles were stuck with,but they were WELL stuck!
  5. Kristian

    Cutting Cutting tiles to direct water properly on former

    Hi. I've an Impey former 1700 x 750. The drain is midway along the 1700 length but offset along the 750 breadth about 1/3 of the way. I'm looking for tiling advice before I buy tiles please. 1. I've tested the tray is working by pouring water over it and the water does make it's way to the...
  6. Dan

    Update: Testing push notifications direct from the forum

    Okay, so I want to do some testing with this before we commit to it fully. We can have push notifications from the forum via an external app, call PushOver. You can download the app from your app store. Here are some links to their Apps. Pushover: Device Clients (Pushover Android APK...
  7. Dan

    New Sponsor - VANS Direct for Tilers Vans

    Peugeot Partner 850 L1 Bluehdi 100ps Professional Euro 6 See full details » FINANCE OPTIONS Lease:£115 pm CH:£149 pm Peugeot Partner 625 1.6 Hdi Professional 75ps Euro 6 See full details » FINANCE OPTIONS HP:£175 pm Lease:£115 pm CH:£ pm Peugeot Partner 625 1.6HDi Professional 75ps See...
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