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  1. dg-1984

    Mitred external corner and top trim edge

    Just trying to get all answers before starting a DIY tiling job. If your mitering the tiles of an external corner but wanting to trim the top with box edge trim, will there be an edge sticking out at the corner of the trim of 1 or 2mm, due to the tiles being mitred so the grout will be at...
  2. N

    Help with external corner please

    Hi My builder has tiled my bathroom with bevelled tiles but I am left with an external corner where 2 levels meet on the bottom row and 2 cut, straight edges meet on the top row which leaves a big difference in the gap between the bottom and top row of tiles where the corner meets. I have been...
  3. C

    My 1st Job Can anyone explain how you tile into a corner

    Can anyone explain how you tile into a corner
  4. D

    Metro Tile Beveled window trim corner problem

    Hi, I am new to the forum so apologies if this has been raised before. We are having a bathroom reno but we are unhappy with the finish round the window and looking for suggestions. The trim as you can see from the photos just sticks out at the end. We have been told there is not a great deal...
  5. D

    Cutting Cutting tile trim into internal corner

    Hi everyone So, I’m in the process of re-fitting our kitchen. Everything is going swimmingly and I’m quickly approaching tiling along the worktops.. I don’t mind tiling but absolutely dread cutting tile trim. I’ve seen pre formed corners online for turns to take the the tiles up the wall at...
  6. E

    How to Properly Fit Corner / Final Tile Where Movement Is Limited

    In the videos I've been watching about how to lay a tile properly they advocate sliding the tile perpendicular to the run of the adhesive grooves onthe floor. This collapse the channels and provides better contact etc. When the trowel is 20mm (the height seems to be 15mm the width 20mm) the...
  7. M

    Recommended shower corner tile detail

    Hi I've been looking around but I cant find a recommended shower corner tile detail. Maybe there is something in the British Standard, I've not seen this and it seems difficult to obtain? I have a U shaped enclosure. I have sketched a detail, is this OK? Or is there a better way of doing it...
  8. Adam18Spring

    Setting Out Where Metro's meet Mosaics internal corner..

    Hi Guys Just a quick one, i have 2 internal corners to do. The walls either side are in standard beveled white metro tiles 100x200mm The end 'feature' wall is in 50x150 mosaic metro tiles: My question is how would you do the junction between the 2? Just silicone the gap? Thanks
  9. mr angry

    outside corner in rectangle bathroom

    hi guys, please excuse my terminology if i dont describe my current diy job. i have just ordered tools from amazon... cube laser, trowel, float, grout etc... i have not ordered the leveling tile kit yet as there are so many to choose from so hopefully someone can recommend a cheap good kit...
  10. A

    Internal corner trim or silicone?

    Hi Can you please let me know if a product like Schlüter DILEX-EKE or equivalent internal profile trim is generally visually cleaner than using silicone? I assume 3 way internal corners could look messy if not cut correctly but was wondering if I should go for some sort or trim like this for...
  11. M

    Rounded corner of bath, trim problem!

    Any ideas? This is what my tiler has done. It’s a carron integra bath. Nothing else to do but recess the frame more and put up with an overhang?
  12. M

    Shower corner grout?

    Hi Guys, So I have not long been in this house and I was recently going to re-seal the shower but I have noticed that they have used grout on the internal corner which has a hairline crack at the very top. On another forum someone has basically said that silicon should've be used for the...
  13. theandroids

    Not all hardiebacker is made equal?

    Morning all. Just a couple questions. 1. For ANYONE who has installed hardiebacker. Do you leave the 3mm gap in the corner of wall then fill with adhesive and fibatape or butt up close to the other wall when installing hardiebacker in corners? or 2. I recently purchased hardiebacker. While...
  14. Slippery

    Setting Out External corner not square

    Hi, I'm just stripping out a bathroom that will be tiled with 300x 600 porcelain but there is an external corner around 22.5 deg, all other corners have brushed stainless edging. I thought about mitering the tiles but this will leave a sharp edge in a place where people could potentially walk...
  15. M

    External vertical corner L section 8mm trim

    Getting to the point of a couple of vertical external corners from floor level to 1.5 metres and am using L section trim. When using standard L section one side of the corner will have about 2mm of the trim lip showing while the other side will have 8mm. Is this not the way to do this, see pic...
  16. J

    Tile trim corner, external corner 9mm

    Hello so need some help please, any ideas where i can purchase a 9mm external brushed crhome effect corner piece for the tile trim? Got the trim from b&q diall 9mm
  17. M

    Metal profile along edges of corner shelf

    From 2:16 in the film below it mentions using horizontal profile along the top and bottom edges of a tiled corner shelf, then tiling the front. I don't know how common it is to do this; if I search for images of bathroom corner shelves, most don't seem to have profile, just tiles. Is there...
  18. S

    My 1st Job How to tile an internal corner

    I'm just wondering how to tile round an internal corner in terms of how to butt the tiles up to the wall. As they say, a picture says a thousand words, so should I go for A or B: And whichever option I go for, am I right in thinking that I'd need to caulk the join between the tiles that meet...
  19. L

    Correct way to finish an external corner

    This one has been bugging me for a while with planning my bathroom. Might be simple but I'd be grateful if you could help me double-check. There will be an external corner between two walls, one of which has to be tiled, and the other which I want to have plastered and painted. First, I'm...
  20. P

    DIY Chipped tile corner - Shower

    Hi I've recently re-tiled the ensuite using porcelenosa ceramic tiles, whilst cleaning what remains of the dried adhesive out of the joints before grouting I've noticed a tile has a slight chip on the corner which wont be covered by grout. Option 1 would be to remove the tile (which I don't...
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