1. nybor62

    CSCS Card Cancelled Due To Policy Change? - Anybody heard of this?

    I meant to mention this a while ago but forgot, has anyone else had there skilled cscs card cancelled due to policy changes I passed my health and safety in December last year , when I rang up yo pay and renew my skilled card , I was told we have stopped doing that card, and you need to sit a...
  2. jcrtiling

    Cscs cards .............

    Can't remember who was asking about this but If they are close to you could be good
  3. jcrtiling

    Cscs cards available through tta

    The tta have secured funding to enable to get cscs cards for £600 non members +£68 admin fee . My opinion if you want to take advantage of this act quickly as these things don't last forever also expect some other charges to apply like hse test for instance
  4. callatiler

    Business cards Instantprint excellent!

    Just a thread to say thank you to Instantprint for the business cards I had made and delivered. Top quality and exactly how I designed and asked for. Quickly made and delivered, and at a good price! One of our sponsors aswell, so trusted and well recommended! ;)
  5. wrighty

    Hands Up,who Got There Cscs Cards From Here?

    Centres caught rigging construction safety exams - BBC News
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