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  1. antonio

    bosch gws18 10sc 125mm

    quick first impact, it looks faster than hitachi, but all 2 say 9000 rpm. great the lever to move the blade cover, just press and turn to the point you need. application and connection installed: through the application it is possible to set the times of light work and intensity, screen time and...
  2. Adey1980

    Bosch grinder died

    So my Bosch variable grinder died yesterday, I think the switch has gone as there is power going to the switch ( I used a electrical pen ). So I phoned Bosch and they are picking it up today to have a look weather they can repair or send a new one out, only problem it’s a 10/12 day back log.
  3. Wishiwasatoptiler

    For Sale Bosch GSL 2 surface laser

    Anyone intrested in saving on one of these lasers, just listed it on ebay. Very little use and as new condition. Thanks. Bosch Gsl2 Set Floor Surface Laser With Remote | eBay - https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F233182376323
  4. dg-1984

    DIY Which Bosch grinder for DIY

    I have a few tiling jobs will be doing over next few months, just DIY but going to get a grinder and good blades. I have other Bosch tools so was going to stick with them as I like the brand but also as I have the batteries and saw the cordless grinder. The batteries I have are only 2ah one but...
  5. Adey1980

    Bosch GLM 50c Bluetooth

    well I have managed to use my new laser measure tonight and it is so much easier and quicker than using a tape measure and calculator to work out Sq metres. It is also small lightweight and very easy to use. I haven’t had a chance to use the Bluetooth link to the app on my phone yet.
  6. theandroids

    Not Even Bosch Can Answer This...

    Hi, can someone please help. I purchased a Bosch PWS 700-115 Angle Grinder to take up thin Set only problem is, its impossible to do it without a dust extraction shroud. Does anyone know what dust extraction shroud model is used for the 700-115?
  7. 3_fall

    Bosch floor laser GSL2

    Bosch GSL 2 in operation, single line means perfectly level, if the lines open up, your floor has a rise or fall in it. Instant visual check on how good your floor is, and clients don't even need to know anything about construction, just be able to know the difference between 1 or 2 lines. A...
  8. Gareth Raines

    Bosch ptc 470 tile cutter?

    Has any one on here used the new bosch ptc 470 or 640? I have just seen them advertised alot lately, and bosch tools are usually top notch. Only reason im thinking it may be a gimic is the price £100 for the 470 and £150 for the 640 Just wondering if they could be a future player in the tile...
  9. antonio

    bosch gll3 With receiver

    I wanted to try and make a video. I apologize for the special effects ... ahah Pity that outside there was the sun .. and the red laser vision Is invisible. But with the receiver no problem.
  10. L

    Stabila FLS 90 floor laser?!?

    Hello Has anyone ever used or own one of these floor lasers? If so please let me know what you think...... I want to buy a floor laser but don't want to spend loads of money, I've seen some for like £400 plus. I bought a Bosch PLT 2 yesterday and returned before I had a lunch break it was...
  11. antonio

    grinder bosch gws 7 115

    Perhaps, problem solved. my bosch gws 7115, this week it stopped working. I immediately thought of carbon brushes, but he has only 6 months of life, then I ordered carbon brushes, I opened today grinder and I noticed that the problem was not carbon brushes. (They have the same length of the new...
  12. antonio

    bosch gsl2

    no one ever used it? sounds interesting, price € 4/500, +/- Now john happy ;)
  13. mr.tile

    Bosch 18v just gott better

    New 6,3 ah just arrived, and how bout that work light for Christmas. Bosch Eneracer Battery Technology | Pro Tool Reviews - https://www.protoolreviews.com/tools/power/cordless/batteries-chargers/bosch-eneracer-battery-technology/26311/
  14. tommyzooom

    I'm feeling Fein

    I'm in need of a new oscillating tool, but which one? I'm leaning towards Fein, but again, which one 250 or 350 They now do a starlock connector, any good? I guess this is to defeat 3rd party blades? Any other brands to consider?
  15. Protiler 68

    Cordless grinder

    bosch cordless grinder with battery £130 thats awesome lol
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