1. L

    South East Tiler needed for 2 small bathrooms with large format tiles.

    Hi, i hope you are all well. Just wondering if anyone is keen for a bit of work in Thame? Thanks all
  2. stone tiler

    South East 2 bathrooms to tile in Porcelanosa XLIGHT sheets

    Evening all We have got the go ahead on a flooring project and the client has then asked us to quote on tiling 2 bathrooms in Porcelanosa XLIGHT sheets. This is the 3.5mm thick sheets and to be totally honest, it's not what we do and I wouldn't know where to start!! Job is in Reigate, Surrey...
  3. A

    South East Surrey KT21 - Need tiler for 2 Bathrooms in next 3 weeks

    Hello, I'm in latter stages of house renovation in Ashtead, Surrey and need a tiler to do the family bathroom and master ensuite. I need job completed by mid April or sooner if possible. The family bath is all prepared by my plumber with straight and level marmox boards, have all materials and...
  4. O

    Snagging Inspections for bathrooms, ensuites and cloakrooms

    Hi guys, I noticed one of the threads on the forum was about snagging inspections for bathrooms, ensuites and cloakrooms. As you would expect, this is a large chunk of waht we do on a day to day basis and if anyone would like our help at any time then please get in touch via PM
  5. Simon Dale

    South East Marble bathrooms x 2

    We were asked to do this. Had a window but no confirmation. Moved on ! Needs to be done next 10 days :eek:
  6. JP Tiling

    East Midlands Leicester - Kitchen and Bathrooms

    We have a new build starting in the middle of Leicester, we are looking for local-ish lads to jump on board to help our guys due to the location. If it is in range, you have own tools, vehicles and CSCS card - get in touch:handok::thumbsup:
  7. Localtiler

    Heated walls in bathrooms

    I've got my schluter pack through today, couple of freebies and some papers, just reading about the ditra heat on the walls, and the ditra heat duo which I hadn't heard of. Has anyone fitted it on the walls? I'm keen to!
  8. Ttt1601

    Designing bathrooms for customers

    Just wondering do any of you guys get involved in the design stage of bathrooms as im in the middle of doing one for a customer atm, it's on a full renovation job so no walls no floors nothing in yet, first time I really had it from this early on and having no usable input from the customer is...
  9. L

    Tiled Bathroom Worktop

    A new one for me, and i have been dreading it. Tilling a bathroom worktop, To be precise three bathroom worktops all with mosaics. I have never been asked to do this before, I'm guessing it can't be too difficult (I hope :) ), my plan is to fit 18mm ply and then hardi over the top. Then...
  10. Dave

    Working A Sunday.

    Anyone working today ? I'm off to do some displays at my bro's new showroom , he's moving to bigger premises to include a tile shop , bolting this onto the kitchen/bathroom business .
  11. Dan

    Do customers need to take the blame when they've employed a tiler and it goes wrong?

    Okay so I'm not going to link to or mention any specific threads going on but we see this quite a bit. A customer has a "tiler" in, and the job isn't going well. Wrong products used or dot and dabbing going on or whatever. We obviously quickly point out that the person doing the job couldn't...
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