1. C

    DIY Ardex

    Hi everyone, new member of this forum, thanks. Need advice on Ardex wpc. Applied a few days ago 2 coats as specified. I am tiling my shower area shortly but find the Ardex to be mildly tacky, is the tile cement and tile going to adhere or is there a problem heading my way. Many thanks ChrisD
  2. W

    Training Feedback Ardex Training Day

    I recently attended a large format tile training day run by Ardex, at their Haverhill trading centre. The day was very well organised and run by Andrea King & Vince Ruffini of Ardex, with support from Rubi - rail and cutting system. It was also a good opportunity to see and try some of the...
  3. D

    DIY Grout Choice

    Found this forum very late in my process but better late than never. Long story condensed: Previous owners had a professional tiler remodel bathroom and ensuite with 800x450 porcelain but quadrant shower and tray in ensuite was failing slowing. Only noticed when I was replacing carpet in...
  4. C

    Ardex Ardex Flex-FS Grout Silver Shimmer (2x2.5kg)

    Got two, unopened 2.5kg bags of Ardex Flex-FS Silver Shimmer grout that I didn't use in my bathroom. Happy to let them go for £10 or £5 each. Stored in dry garage since purchasing a few months ago. Based near Letchworth!
  5. Balloo

    Ardex Ardex grout nightmare to clean off

    Ardex is not as good as it used to be . I find it very difficult to clean off the tile. And efflorescence is shocking
  6. J

    Ardex Help with ARDEX WPC please!!

    Hello, can anyone advise me as to how far up the wall I should go with the scrim tape and thick mix of ardex wpc. Didn't realise how much of the mix it would use up. Wanted to do it all but not sure if Its needed All walls are solid construction, I was going to paint it all over the floor and...
  7. S

    Ardex Out of Date Ardex X7 G - Adhesive Past Sell By Date

    By way of background that might go some way to explain this question - I'm from Yorkshire... I have some bags of Ardex X7 G tile adhesive left over from a DIY tiling job i did in spring 2016, when i tiled my downstairs shower room/ toilet. There are two unopened bags and one open. The date...
  8. O

    Ardex Ardex WPC tanking kit

    Has anyone tried the white version of the Ardex WPC tanking kit ,that was brought out last year? kit
  9. J

    Ardex AKW TUFF2 Former (ardex over plastic former)

    It seems that ardex liquid tanking is a very popular choice on this forum and I am hoping to use some in my wetroom, however does anyone know if it's okay to use on a plastic shower former? The only thing I can find online is people recommending I lightly sand the surface of the former and AKW...
  10. timeless john

    Ardex Ardex Grey C2 Grout - still available?

    Ardex C2 grey grout. Is it still available or being discontinued? Bought the last 3 from CTD today for my current Geometric project and hoping I don’t have to look for another colour in the future. Anyone know or should I phone Ardex!
  11. J

    Ardex Problem with Ardex Grout FS Innocent Black

    Happy Christmas to everyone and I hope 2019 is a very successful year for all. I'm looking for a bit of help with Ardex Grout from anyone who has used it or better still, uses it frequently. I've had a job that has gone horribly wrong. Long story short, the day after grouting the floor tiles on...
  12. I

    Ardex Any ideas please tiles stained from Ardex coloured silicone

    Please can you help i have just had my bathroom done. I bought Ardex coloured silver shimmer silicone to match grout. The residue from silicone has stained tiles. I have tried: White spirit Meths MultiSolve by CT1 Viakil (normally does everything for me) HG grout cleaner Fila tile and stone...
  13. O

    Ardex Ardex X 60 PUERTO Flex

    Anybody else had a letter like this recently?
  14. M

    Ardex Ardex X77 Wall Adhesive

    Hi, I'm pretty new to to tiling (just finished training) and I like to have an in depth product knowledge before I carry out any work so have been doing a lot of research over the last few weeks regarding products and pro's and cons. I've just been looking into Ardex X77 wall adhesive which is...
  15. O

    Ardex Ardex WPC now in white

    ARDEX WPC NOW IN WHITE! A Since its launch in the 1970s, ARDEX WPC Flexible Rapid Drying Waterproof Protection Coating has been a favourite amongst fixers due to its easy to apply formulation and rapid 90-minute tile on time, and it's now available in White! ARDEX WPC W provides clear...
  16. F

    Ardex Ardex K301 Exterior Levelling Compound

    I need to bring up some sections of an outside concrete area to level it off prier to tiling, am I correct in thinking that Ardex K301 Exterior Levelling Compound is my only option. The area is not subject to rain as such as it has a poly carbonate roof but rain does get blown under it is also...
  17. Steve_Bcs

    Ardex Ardex wpc application / batch size question

    after some advice please. I’m about to apply ardex wpc to the hardi walls for a corner shower. I’ve applied a thick mix of ardex to the taped joints. I know 2 coats are required on the walls but as it dries so quickly, is it best to mix enough for the 2 coats or mix separate batches in case the...
  18. M

    Ardex Ardtex / Ardex 7000? (Flexible Tile Adhesive)

    I was speaking with a tiler earlier on the phone he mentioned something about a product called something like Artex or Ardex 7000 (or 7000 and something). It's a flexible tile adhesive. Anyone happen to know this product?
  19. T

    Ardex Ardex AF 200 for Ditra or.....

    Hi, guys what is a good alternative to Ardex AF 200 for laying Ditra onto plywood. Hermes have "lost my TWO tubs which was meant to be delivered today so looking to get an alternative adhesive for tomorrow. Any suggestions of products you've actually used will be appreciated.
  20. F

    Ardex using ardex products...

    A lot of people on here mention Ardex products for various things. Having never used any due to not ever seing it on sale or knowing a great deal about it, I want to know more. Which Ardex products do you use regularly, or which ones do a particular job perfectly to solve a problem ?
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