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    Porcelain laid on sand and cement?

    It looks great. That porcelain will come loose, it is just a matter of time. One by one. Hope I'm wrong!
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    De-coupling Mat? What is there purpose please?

    It is used as a subfloor, it's anti crack and waterproof 100%. If your floor is timber, then it is highly recommended to install the Ditra matting membrane. If the floor is concrete you don't have to unless it's cracked.
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    De-coupling Mat? What is there purpose please?

    It can be installed on top of plywood or concrete no matter.
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    Plywood for Wetroom subfloor

    Any 18mm plywood would work, whatever is most cost effective for you. I used them all no problem.
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    Building shower pan and waterproofing

    Tile Coach, Starr Tile are very good for guidance. Send pictures
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    How to waterproof joint setting compound on a shower wall

    whats the purpose of painting inside the shower?
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    Build-up Needed for Tile Installation in Shower

    oh I see clean up the area, get some acrylic primer from Home Depot Level Quick would do, soak in the bottom portion of the drywall let it cure overnight, then get yourself some Schluter Kerd Fix and fill up the gap and let it cure overnight. You should create a seal along the shower pan using...
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    Build-up Needed for Tile Installation in Shower

    send some pictures that might be a help to us
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    replacing 70 year old shower pan, do I need to take out the curb?

    Send some pictures if you could. Water leakage speaking, back in the days they did not have the technology to waterproof the showers. Therefore, they used bitumen (hotmop) as waterproofing.
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    Tiling Rates Per Square Meter / Per Day – How much do tilers charge?

    These pict are more likely the high end, top jobs, whatever you wanna call it. Cost a little bit more. Depends on the job. Hope that helps!
  12. Limestone niche.JPG

    Limestone niche.JPG

  13. Shower shelf 3.jpg

    Shower shelf 3.jpg

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    Access Panel 1.jpg

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    Access Panel 2.jpg

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    Access Panel 3.jpg

  17. Access Panel.jpg

    Access Panel.jpg

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    Travertine walk-in shower (1).jpg

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