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    Tile removal in the center of a floor?

    Once old one out, take feet off the new one too and fit it on shims. This will be easier with an inflatable air wedge.
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    Tiling on Multipro board

    Not sbr on this, use acrylic primer 1 : 3 water
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    Tiling on Multipro board

    Is it dusty? Especially if you’ve cut with a grinder the board will be covered in dust, you have to get rid of this. Tbh I always prime hardie and the like as otherwise it sucks out the moisture from the addy too quick for my liking. I also tile on the smooth side of these type of boards…
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    Tile removal in the center of a floor?

    In a similar situation I used a wrecking bar to break the feet off, then I could wriggle the machine out.
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    Tile Trim Precision cutting metal tile trim

    Well done, good job. Wall tiles are lovely, name/make/place of purchase please!
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    Tile Trim Precision cutting metal tile trim

    Overkill, not necessary if you are a good tradesman with skill.
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    Marmoleum on sand cement screed

    Self levelling onto the screed, to give a perfrctly smooth finish, then the marmoleum.
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    Tile Trim Precision cutting metal tile trim

    Cut it with a fine toothed hacksaw and then finish it off with a metal file - perfect finish.
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    Preparation How would this be boarded?

    What thickness board are you using? You could always buy one board of the next size down so that with adhesive it became flush with the others. To clarify- if you’re using 10mm, buy one 6mm board.
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    Preparation How would this be boarded?

    I’m messing with you pal! As you say adhesive not needed but if fixings are poor it’ll help you out. I’d put screws down both edges to stop it rocking. Drill a couple of test holes if you like to see how plugs hold- if suspect just stick it on , then when dry a couple of mechanical fixings...
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    Preparation How would this be boarded?

    Is this a joke? Mechanically fix; screws for cement boards, screws and big washers for foam XPS boards.
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    Ditra on ply with AF200

    Ultra tile green bag is good.
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    Tiling bottom half of wall

    “So if this is normal, how come that there is no tile trim to cover the extra thickness?” Because a professional plans their work so that this situation does not occur.
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    Sub floor query (transitioning between types)

    This is a completely different situation from the OP. In your case the pretty obvious answer is to tile the new floor leaving a gap to the wooden floor and cover the gap with an oak strip.
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    Ditra over shower pan

    How far have you gone? Like you say the best thing is to raise the pan by 1/4” , why don’t you want to just do this?
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    Sub floor query (transitioning between types)

    Yep. Either chance it by bridging the gap with backer boards, could well be ok… Or make sure by having a movement/expansion joint coinciding with the transition. This must go through each layer of your build up i.e. straight joint through you backer boards and same joint through your tiles ...
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    How to cut these 3d ceramic bathroom tiles?

    Tiles are funny things, you never know until you try. They may score and snap fine - if not you will definitely be ok with your wetsaw, or use a 4” grinder with a decent blade for speed ( that is what most of us would use I guess).
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    Slope problem in installed shower

    If it’s there after ten hours at least that shows your waterproofing is good so that’s positive. To be honest, just buy a squeegee mop and 5 seconds with that after the last person has showered and you’re sorted. Otherwise you are opening up to a world of pain and cost - basically rip out and...
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    Metal trim jutting out at corner, creating sharp point.

    It could be rounded off nicely with a metal file.
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    Tile expansion joint - small bathroom and boarded

    1) yes can cut tile in situ , but messy and a bit tricky with angle grinder. I’d probably use multi-tool and grind it back if it’s only a few mil. 2) id use silicone in the corner, colour match it to the roughest tile- as it’s easier to clean off the wrong colour from the smoothest tile!!
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