Timeless Tiling Solutions | Victorian Encaustic Geometric Tiling Specialist - Tyne and Wear Tiler

Timeless Tiling Solutions | Victorian Encaustic Geometric Tiling Specialist - Tyne and Wear Tiler

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Timeless Tiling Solutions | Victorian Encaustic Geometric Tiling Specialist - Timeless Tiling Solutions | Victorian Geometric Tiling Specialist
Timeless Tiling Solutions | Victorian Encaustic Geometric Tiler / Tiling Specialist

Timeless Tiling Solutions are based in Newcastle in the North East of England. However, we provide our services nationwide and can even travel abroad if required. We've just recently completed a Victorian Geometric floor tiling job for a client in the South of France.

If you're unsure if we cover your area, call us or send us an inquiry and we'll let you know. You can call us on: 07867 780 710 during business hours, or CLICK HERE to start a conversation with us using the forum. :)

Victorian Geometric Floor Tiling Specialist

See more examples of John's work here: John's Media Gallery on TilersForums.com

John has been a member of TilersForums.com since February 2009 and is one of the very first wall and floor tilers to have joined the forum. He's stuck with it through many variations over the years and has always been a 'Trusted Advisor' on the forum, of which there are only a handful out of over 6,500 registered wall and floor tilers.

John has since retired mostly, but can't keep his hands dry. He has a skill that could be lost someday, when it comes to tiling the ever-so-difficult Geometric floors with Victorian floor tiles, he can't offer the job away to anybody else.

If you're looking for a Victorian Geometric Floor Tiler in any area of the UK (or even Europe providing travelling expenses are included) John is the man for the job.

Setting out such a floor alone is a job. And coming up with the quantities of each individual tile shape and size it another job on it's own. Then to tile it, flat, level and true (where possible - floors aren't always level but can always be flat!) really is a specialist job.

You can see in the discussion thread of this listing that even his fellow highly skilled tilers (all Trusted Advisors also) are taking their hats of to him.

He is now a member of the few volunteer staff on the forum, and has been a 'Trusted Advisor' for a very long time, and has won Job Of The Month before (I think a couple of times?) with his high class work.

Customers of his are very lucky that they found him and he accepted their job. Their tiling will be timeless. Hence his business name. Very apt.

If you'd like to get in touch with John via the forum CLICK HERE.
Or Call John during business hours on: 07867 780 710.
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