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Plan Tec Tiling & Wet Room Solutions | Tilers in East Dorset

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Plan Tec Tiling & Wet Room Solutions | Tilers in East Dorset
Tilers in East Dorset - Wall and Floor Tilers in East Dorset

My name is Geoff and I am a self employed Tiler based in East Dorset

I am able to offer advice and a full bespoke bathroom / wet room...
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Latest reviews

Excellent tiler, and very knowledgable
Geoff has helped me run this forum since time began. He's been such an awesome giving member of staff (albeit volunteer). He's been a pleasure to work with. Always stands by the forum stance on hard decisions.

Then of course it comes to his tiling. He's one of the most knowledgeable fact-bearing tile-fixers in the country. You'd think he's 80. But apparently he's not. ;-)

He has won JOTM, is a Trusted Advisor, and was so good with other members that he quickly became a moderator of the forum, and then moved up a role to administrator. There's nowhere else to go now. He's top of the ranks. And so he should be. Thanks for being part of the forum Geoff.

If you're considering a tiler and you're lucky enough to live near his patch, you HAVE to get him involved in your job. Be it kitchen tiling, bathroom refit, conservatory going up and need underfloor heating and tiling. Whatever you can use Geoff on - do it. It'll be there longer than a lifetime.

6 Stars ******

Our tilers directory is quite new. We launched this in the summer of 2019 (catchy song title?) and it's still being populated, our tilers take a while to nudge into putting their details on lists. All the hard work we did from 2006 to 2018 telling them not to kind of backfired there. We are still working on them. So in the meantime, you can post your tiling job to our forum, and let the tilers contact you for your name and phone number etc. Keep your eyes peeled for our 'Esteemed' tilers. These tilers have provided advice to fellow tilers, and have been rewarded for their brilliant advice by their peers, and have gained that green tag through hard work on the forum. These are some of the best wall and floor tilers in the country.

If you have a big project on, you might find outLocal Electricians Directoryuseful. And perhaps even ourLocal Plumbers Directorytoo.

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