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H M Tiling - Wall and floor tiling Isle of Wight

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H M Tiling - Tiler in Isle of Wight
Tiler in Isle of Wight

All aspects of wall and floor tiling. Electric and water fed underfloor heating. Floor levelling and substrate preparation.

Bespoke tiling based on the Isle of Wight. Over 20 years experience working on high end property across the Island, Hampshire and London.

Specialist wall and floor tiling for domestic (and some commercial) properties in the Isle of Wight;
  • Edwardian and Victorian Geometric Tiling on the Isle of Wight
  • Mosaic tiling, both new mosaic installations and mosaic tiling repair work considered
  • Stone tiles, both new fixing and repair work undertaken - On the Isle of Wight and also the mainland - should expenses be paid
  • Porcelain tiles - Both standard sizes porcelain tiles and the new XXL porcelain tiles which require a while different level of tiling skills and tiling tools - Often also two men carrying a cut tile! and also special adhesive that will adhere to the very low porous surface, and lack of contact with air due to their size
  • Glass tiles and glass mosaics
  • Ceramic tiling (it's a nice fresh change from the norm these days when we're found installing standard ceramic tiles - but they're still around!)
  • Underfloor heating - Both installation of electric underfloor heating, but also tiling over it. Installation of water underfloor heating needs to be done by a specialist (usually a plumber), but we can still tile over it - Tiling over underfloor heating is a bit different to tiling direct on cold floors. The expansion and retraction of the floor (whether screed, levelling compound, tile backer boards, or wood) means the adhesive choice changes, and also the tiling skills required change a bit
  • Wet rooms; installation of and tiling wetrooms on the Isle of Wight and the mainland (London / Hampshire) when the job is large enough
  • Swimming pool tiling - Should you be lucky enough to have a swimming pool, it needs tiling properly, and once. The tiles need to be down for a lifetime. Make sure you get somebody with experience in tiling swimming pools - Like HM Tiling has!

H M Tiling | Tiler in Isle of Wight - Isle of Wight Tilers and Tiling Specialists

Bathroom floor tiling done in Isle of Wight in 2019

Bespoke kitchen designed by somebody else, but tiled by us, again on the isle of wight, UK
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