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How to use to help you find a professional wall and floor tiler. was setup in April 2006 under the name We changed the web address of the site in 2019 to cater for tile experts outside of the UK.

Whilst we have a fair few members now from America, Canada, Australia (and a regular member from Italy that doesn't speak English and uses Google Translate to convert all messages he writes to the forum before posting them!) we have thousands of wall and floor tilers that reside in the UK, and their business all comes from the UK. Mostly local to them too.

So if you've come here looking for a tiler, you're in good hands now and we should be able to help you decide who to go for.


You really need to research a tiler. Especially if you're having something done that's a bit of a one-off, like a wetroom or installing underfloor heating etc. Rather than just a kichen splashback with 6x6 whites which might look alright done by anybody. If tiles aren't installed properly in a wetroom, you risk damaging the substrate (the surface the tiles are fixed to) and not only mess up the tiling, which you can see, but also mess up the stuff behind the tiles, which you can't see.

A few points to note:-

  • A plumber isn't a tiler, he's a plumber - Some CAN install tiles, you'd need to check they've had some training and not just gained their knowledge from "experience" - the fact their tiles don't fall off all the time doesn't mean they've installed them properly and you wont have problems down the line. Your average trained plumber can earn more carrying out plumbing than he can tiling. So you have to ask yourself why he's doing it in the first place
  • A plasterer isn't a tiler, he's a plasterer - sdfsdfsdfsdf
  • A decorator definately isn't a tiler
  • The cheapest guy you've found on a social media website via a comments section on a post, isn't going to be a tiler - no tiler gets their work from the internet like that. 

It's okay using any of the above to do your tiling for you as long as you're okay with it being done wrong. You can't get that kinda person back to correct your tiling, they wont know what they've done wrong and will just argue that it's okay.

If you find a tiler who knows what they're doing, they would have done it to a certain specification and will know when something is wrong with perhaps a batch of tiles or batch of adhesives or their cutter is on the way out or something, and they'll sort it out and let you know when they need to. And wont have a problem in doing so. They wont carry on tiling if the tiles aren't going to stay where they've put them for a whole lifetime, which is what the aim is when using a tile to finish off a surface.


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